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Custom Thompson Center ProHunter Rifle Stock Sets in Muddy Girl Camo

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Custom Prohunter rifle stocksets in Muddy Girl Camo. These sets have been custom dipped by a local Colorado craftsman and they look fantastic. This is a new Thompson Center Pro Hunter Flex Tech rifle stockset. The buttstock will fit all Encore and Pro Hunter frames, the forend (made by Choate, and not a Prohunter model, I prefer this unit) will fit all Encore, Pro Hunter, and Bergara centerfire barrels. Forend attachment screws included. FlexTech TECHNOLOGY T/C teamed up with Sims, known for their recoil reduction technology, to develop a process that absorbs shock and vibration. The result is the FlexTech recoil reduction system. Reduces felt recoil by 43% Absorbs harmful recoil and vibration that punishes the shooter and damages or loosens scopes. 4 synthetic recoil arches create a crush zone that allows the stock to compress during the recoil process. The limb saver recoil pad has dual compression chambers that displace the shock over a broad spectrum. All of this is built in to the stock of the gun to give you, the shooter, better performance and comfort in the field.

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