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Eric's Chicken Fried Venison

Posted by Eric on 1/29/2019 to Wild Game Recipes

Eric's #fieldtofork Monday. He teamed up with his oldest daughter to rock the chicken fried deer steak dinner. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Epic feast courtesy of an epic buck that will not go to waste. #FullCircle is how we roll. Quick fix recipe on the steaks below...

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Thaw steaks completely and trim any excess silver membrane fat then rinse clean of blood. Lay down two sheets of wax or parchment paper on a butcher block or cutting bird then place your steaks between. Use a meat mallet to pound them down to about 1/2” thick or a little less. Lightly coat boat sides in salt and let them sit for a few while your skillet heats up. I use avocado oil on medium/high heat just so that it pops a little when you lay down you’re fillets. I gave each cut a quick bath in egg before pressing each side firmly into a bed of panko bread crumbs. Lay your steak into the skillet for about 90 seconds (or less on each side. Get them light or medium brown then flip and pull them onto a plate with a folded up paper towel to soak up any excess oil. The breading is your gauge for how dark the meat is on the inside. Lighter brown = more pink and vice versa. I served mine with white gravy, mashed potatoes and sweet corn. #sweetmercy #peopleoftc #sendit#muleyfreak #coloRADo #deerhunting #wildgamerecipes #meateater #tcdimension