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HausOfArms/MGM 350 Legend Heavy Contour Encore Barrel

HausOfArms/MGM 350 Legend Heavy Contour Encore Barrel

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All barrels will be 20" with 1:16 twist.  They will also be threaded with a cap.  

The 350 Legend is perfect for the states that are restricted to 1.8" straight wall case for hunting, and had youth, women, and those of us that are recoil sensitive in mind during development. This case is designed to compete with cartridges like the 450 Bushmaster and the 460 S&W but without the recoil. New case features include an overall length of 1.71", a slightly rebated rim that is the same diameter as the 223 Remington, multiple SKU’s of factory loaded ammunition, plus the benefit of reloadability with a plentiful supply of 35 caliber bullets. This blazing round will have great muzzle velocity combined with proper hunting bullets that will allow you to reach out to 300 yards and beyond with confidence. There’s no doubt that the 350 Legend will be a great addition to your Encore or Contender barrel collection.  See it in action:


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