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REVOLUTION ENCORE PRY2 Ambidextrous Grip in Birch (NO FOREND)

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This Thompson Center ENCORE PRY2 Birch Ambidextrous Grip grip is the Grip ONLY.  IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE FOREND. These sets are made in the USA for HausofArms by Revolution Stocksets. The buttstock is specially designed for HausofArms and are made for medium and heavy recoils. We do NOT recommend the Ambidextrous for the 30-06 SPR or the 460 S&W round unless it has a muzzletamer (brake). Frame bolt included. The Ambidextrous grip fits all Encore, Prohunter or Endeavor frames. GRAIN MAY VARY.  
Check out our Youtube video below to see demonstrations of shooting techniques using the loop design/push-pull grips as well as ambidextrous grips. 

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