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Contact Marty to get an exact price quote on  "SMOKE" or to design your own version. With all the rage about the 6.5 Creedmoor round we have attempted to create the ultimate Encore in that caliber, with every upgrade imaginable, so over the top and yet so personal. Here are the specs:

The term is "monochrome" meaning all one color.
WS Prohunter Frame, Cerakoted in the Elite color called "SMOKE"
Enhanced 1 lb 15 ounce trigger job, hammer extension
Choate Encore stockset with Limbsaver pad also in smoke
Custom barrel by MGM (Match Grade Machine), 24" spiral fluted, Cerakoted in smoke, 1 in 8" rate of twist, threaded to 5/8-24 thread for shooting suppressed (if you want to and we do), custom thread cap, steel 6 hole base by MGM, Custom engraved by MGM with "HausofArms Custom "SMOKE" AND the CUSTOMERS name.
Topped with a Leupold VX-3i, 4.5-14 x 50mm, CDS, 30mm tube, Mark 4 Leupold rings, yes and also Cerakoted in smoke, the CDS custom dial syatem allows you to send in your ballistics to Leupold and they will program a custom turret dial around those ballistics so that just by turning the dial from 1-10 allows for the scope to automatically adjust to those distances out to 1000 yds. Model 170713.
We designed this custom gun to shoot factory Hornady 6.5 Creemoor 140 grain match rounds. We've experienced really good accuracy with that and will be working on handloads and greater distances in the near future.
Harris bipod in smoke
And Bore sighted
Delivered in a TC 110117 Gray/Black/Red Embroidered soft case.
Allow around 6 weeks for delivery.

The following is a write up that Eric did that will appear in the Fall edition 2017 TCA magazine;
The Story of "Smoke"

What is their promoters used to say about the A-Team, "They specialize in the ridiculous"? We learned a couple of years ago that people seem to enjoy a really good story wrapped into a concept with potentially outlandish or ridiculous ideas. Which is exactly what we've attempted to do with our custom rifle presentations starting withe the original "Firehammer" back in August of 2015. Eric seems to have a propensity for coming up with creative names for guns that illustrate and define both what the gun is and what its purpose might be. Firehammer as you might imagine was a thumper. The 460 S&W Mag Katahdin barrel attached to one of our custom dipped stock sets and a souped up frame was all we needed for it to be a big hit. That and some traction on YouTube. 

Back in the cold of winter Eric and I started dreaming up what our next concept gun might look like. With several in the hopper we settled on a design quite the opposite of the original custom rifle. This time we would pull out all the stops and do our best to involve some industry friends in the build as well. The theme? Monochrome. Yep, you read that right. Boring is exciting, especially when we can take every single component that goes into the rifle and paint them to match. Many, many parts.... one color. Perhaps about as exciting to look at in theory as one of Laura Ingalls' dresses on Little House on the Prairie. Thanks to Brett at Reaper Precision, INC for always buying into our hair brained schemes he made it happen beautifully. He even suggested the color be Cerakote's new "Smoke" shade from their elite color line. Not only did it give some fresh legs to the idea, but Eric's wheels started to turn and the name of the project seemed evident as a result of the chosen color. Thus, the blueprints of "SMOKE" were born.

We quickly settled on Match Grade Machine barrels to do one of their "almost but not quite" off the wall tubes in 6.5 Creedmoor. The barrel was to be spiral fluted and of course finished in the smoke color. Thanks to their customization techniques we were able to add the rifle name to the side of the barrel along with our now somewhat infamous "Haus of Arms Custom" title laser engraved to the outer side of the barrel. Additionally they added one of their steel picatinny rails complete with 6 hole mount so we could go heavy duty with 30mm rings. Oh, and they threaded it to 5/8x24 pattern to allow for the versatility of a suppressor should we so desire. Worth mentioning, you should see the crown job on the muzzle of this barrel. It's awe inspiring how they matched it to the thread protector. 

Finally all of the components seemed to fall into place. The chosen optic is a Leupold VX3i 4.5-14x50mm with the 30mm tube and CDS turrets so we can order adjustment knobs from Leupold perfectly tailored to our chosen round's behavior in the rifle (Hornady 140 Gr ELD Match). Clamping the optic to the rifle would be Leupold's fantastic Mark 4 rings. In case you were wondering the answer is yes, the scope and rings were painted too.

The stock set is one of our simple Choate Encore pistol grip butt stock and Muzzleloader forend because we really like the width and profile of the muzzy platform up front. Not to mention it's almost a near perfect fit with the Harris LM bipod we added to the setup (also painted). Little side note as it pertains to matching muzzleloader forends to rifle barrels... if you too like the contour of these over standard rifle forends we provide free adapter screws with the forend. Just let us know when you order that it's for a rifle rather than the smokepole and we'll add them to the shipment. 

The now Cerakote Smoke colored WS Encore Pro Hunter frame of course includes our enhanced trigger job anchored by the BellmTCs spring replacement kit, with Smoke's trigger showing up to weigh-in at a svelte 1lb 15oz on the Lyman digital trigger scale. No creep, no slop, short, crisp and clean break with just enough surprise built in for accuracy purposes. No trigger jerking allowed around here. 

Maybe the best part? We can build you your own version of Smoke all here in house, completely assembled with the components as listed, precision boresighted, arriving ready for you to take out of your custom case straight to the range. Just visit HausofArms.com and contact Marty, or just shoot us an email at [email protected] and ask for Smoke by name. Or Firehammer. We'll do our best to help make your ridiculous dream a reality!

We stock so many complimentary parts for the Thompson Center Encore and G2 Contenders that you can design your own version just by contacting Marty here on the site. Enjoy. Marty

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