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The "LEGEND" Fall of 2019
The "LEGEND" Fall of 2019

The "LEGEND" Fall 2019

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Contact Marty to get an exact price quote on  The "LEGEND" Fall 2019 or to design your own version. Obviously the price on this Custom gun isn't $0. There are so many variants to this design that any price I would put up would instantly change with the first design change. Be creative!

Totally Marty's design
Start with an MGM Custom 350 Legend 15" SS Encore Barrel
Revolution OEM Safari ambidextrous gripset
Thompson Center Encore Prohunter SS Pistol Frame TC1876
Talley Zero Degree Picatinny Encore base
Leupold Delta Point Pro Reflex sight
Bellm Triple Lock Hammer extension
2lb Enhanced trigger job by Eric

The new 350 Legend by Winchester has taken the straight wall cartridge world by storm. Ballistics really close to the 357 Rem Max except in a "rimless" case. We shot 145gr FMJ as well as the 180gr hunting round with really good accuracy, 2" group or less at 100 yds with the triangle reflex sight meaning basically an illuminated triangle red dot with NO magnification. Recoil was very mild, I did shoot it with the Electric Crusher Set as well which is much more comfortable for me. Unfortunately our video was unusable due to high wind conditions. Marty

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