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Thompson Center Blued TC1920 Prohunter Pistol Frame JEWELED BY Mag-Na-Port

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Start with a brand new Thompson Center Blued Encore Pro Hunter Rifle frame, send it to Ken Kelly at Mag-Na-Port Int and let him do his magic on it. The process is call JEWELING and Ken is a master at it. Jeweled boss area around the perimeter of the frame as well as a polished trigger guard with the edges jeweled as well. Comes with all standard features for the Pro Hunter series as well as the factory rubber grips shown.  Certainly we can upgrade those to laminate of your choice for an additional fee. Frames are not shipped with frame bolts as bolts are now included with stocksets as they should be, however if you need one just let me know I have extras. Adult signature is required and this item must ship to an FFL. We can also do trigger work on the frame you already possess, can be mailed to us and directly back to you. SWING HAMMER.  A rotating hammer design currently available on the Encore Endeavor and Pro Hunter. Its an adjustable hammer that can be off set to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the rifle is scoped, and can be keyed to allow the spur to be placed in the center, left or right hand positions.
You can also add an enhanced trigger job to your jeweled frame for an additional $100.

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