Happy Thanksgiving 2021 from HausOfArms

Happy Thanksgiving from the HausOfArms crew from our home to yours!!!


We are beyond excited to share this update with you from SSK Firearms regarding the SSK-50!
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"I think we are finally at a point of confidence where we can comment on this. I have been hesitant to make any commitments for the last two years as I have learned a long time ago that until you have something sitting on the shelf, you better not make a promise. Currently, we have purchased the tooling and have contracted three separate casting companies to make the frame. Two seem to have the capability and we will have First Articles from one in a week and the other the first week of January. I anticipate production in February and shipments by the end of February. It has been a long, painful, and expensive process. We are committed to the project and resolve to do it right."


We still have a few SKUs of T/C barrels. You can check those out here.

The MGM barrels seem to come in and go out almost as quickly. We are continuing to get new orders every few weeks. We are thankful for our partner vendors that keep our shelves stocked. Check out what is currently available here.

SSK Firearms has just received a huge pallet (nearly 2000) of barrel blanks so we are looking forward to lots of new calibers on the shelves. You can see the current inventory here.


We have been a seller on eBay for as long as HausOfArms has existed. We've used it as a gateway to invite customers to visit our home site. We've fought an uphill battle with their policies and most recently have been at war since July of this year. We thought at that time that we had turned a corner with a reversal of a decision in our favor. If it had not, we had determined then to no longer sell on that platform.

In the past few days, this has again reared its ugly head. Effective December 1, 2021, we will no longer sell on eBay. This is the note that we added to all our listings as of today: Effective December 1, 2021, we will be closing this store. The policies represented here are inconsistent and unfriendly to our type of business. You can still get great products and customer service at a lower price at Haus Of Arms dot com. We look forward to serving you there.

PLEASE NOTE: HausOfArms.com is still very much alive and well and will continue to offer the same products and services that our customers have become accustomed to.

Again, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving,

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August 2021 Update

We almost missed August, but here's an update from the HausOfArms crew.


If you follow us on Facebook, you've already learned about the new tab on the site, "The Wood Haus." In an effort to keep our shelves full, we are diversifying and adding new laminate providers. The rifle stocksets (with the exception of Birch) are discounted $10 when you purchase the rifle forend with the buttstock.

New colors for Contender:
Smoke (formerly Bone Gray)
Java (formerly Coffee)
Hunter Camo (formerly Woodland Camo)

New colors for Encore:
Smoke (formerly Bone Gray)
Java (formerly Coffee)
Hunter Camo (formerly Woodland Camo)

Look for some amazing features in the Walnut in the very near future. 

We also have new stock of Encore pistol sets in Crusher and Ambi. If you've been waiting for these to arrive, don't wait too long to order. They're moving fast.


We're happy to announce that we once again have a supply of MGM custom barrels in the following calibers (all stainless):


Here's a sampling of what we still have available:

All remaining T/C barrels are in the Used/Sale Section on the site.


We have a good supply of optics in stock to fit most any need. You can see them all here.


Maybe that headline should read "or lack thereof." It's been 16 weeks since the announcement by S/W that they were no longer supporting T/C and would be putting it up for sale. To date, we have received no further information regarding the sale. As always, we will keep you informed as we have information.


We're expecting a positive announcement soon but are still working toward an approved casting sample. Stay tuned...


I had already canceled my plans to attend since the two vendors I would be spending time with also decided to cancel. Recently, the entire convention was canceled. Next month we should know more about whether Shot Show 2022 will be a reality. 

I don't know about you, but I will be very thankful for 2020 2.0 to come to a close. This has been a trying time for many, and I'm sure we are all looking forward to some semblance of normalcy in our world.

Have a safe and healthy Labor Day weekend.

Shoot straight,

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July 2021 Update

Dear friends of HausOfArms,

Just wanted to give you an update on what we currently have available in case you've missed any of the new products. Also, we were able to acquire several barrels from one of our suppliers that were previously out of stock. We've just about bought them out, so once again, when they're gone they're gone. We're providing links to make the connection a little easier. As always, you can call to place an order.

It goes without saying that we appreciate our customer base more than we can possibly express. Thank you for being a part of the single-shot community. We are deep and wide and will persevere through the uncertainty with Thompson Center thanks to our many business partners. Just know that we are diligently working to add to that list of business partners.

Our newest offering is the Flip Grips from our friends at Lehigh Defense LLC/SSK Firearms. Eric also demonstrates the use of these in this YouTube video.


These are the T/C barrels we recently acquired that are currently in stock as of this writing (Encore unless noted G2):

On a personal note, I will be attending the NRA Convention in Houston over Labor Day weekend, September 3-5. You can find me at the Lehigh Defense/SSK Firearms booth. Come by and say hi if you're in the area. 

Be safe and shoot straight,

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June 2021 Newsletter

We wanted to highlight our barrel inventory this month with clickable links to make it easy if it's something you're looking for. We know with so many listings on our site, sometimes it's hard to locate. Below is everything currently available as of this writing. 
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May 2021 Update from HausOfArms

Dear friends and customers, We wanted to get this info into your hands as soon as possible. What does this mean for HausOfArms and the T/C community? We believe it's good news and plan to move full speed ahead. Feel free to reach out with any
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Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas from HausOfArms Secret Santa If you follow our FB page (and we hope you do), you know that we mentioned a Secret Santa project for one very deserving youth 14 or under. We promised to share those details this week. Secret
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Happy Thanksgiving from HausOfArms

In the previous newsletter, I asked if 2020 was the new normal. But...how incredible is it that there are only weeks left in this crazy year?! We wanted to take the opportunity to give you a quick update. We attempted to do so 2 times
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Is 2020 the New Normal?

IS 2020 THE NEW NORMAL? Here are just a few notes to myself looking forward to 2024: 1) Stock up on primers, ammo and reloading supplies. 2) Add lots of AR's and carry guns, really doesn't matter which ones, they all bring beyond
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Early July Update

Lots of great announcements from your HausofArms staff.  FIRST THE ELEPHANT! I spoke with Lehigh Defense this evening (6/29/20), they are making progress on the  SSK-50 frames , finally. As I understand it, the first batch of
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Early June Update

KEEPING IT BRIEF. SSK-50 frames are progressing, inspection samples have been received...
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HausOfArms EPIC African Safari

As promised, we wanted to share this amazing video that was filmed and edited by Benchmark Visual for Coppermoon Hunting Safaris. We cannot express to you enough the amazing trip we had. It truly was EPIC! If you're subscribed to our
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HausOfArms April Review "Where Do I Begin"


As I write this newsletter, I have just finished previewing the 28 minute promotional video, done by our hosts at Coppermoon Hunting Safari and Benchmark Visual. In this video they captured perfectly the essence of our trip to South Africa--a remarkable story! 5 1/2 months ago Ruth and I were approached by a friend of ours, Ryan Kadavy of Top Shelf Adventures, saying he had recommended us to be part of a video promotion for a new outfitter and new ranch in South Africa called COPPERMOON. They needed a couple to help create a promotional video for them, physically fit, both shooters and hunters, in the shooting/hunting industry, connected on all forms of social media and in our age group, 60 plus! Say what?! Who gets an opportunity like this? How fast can I say WE ARE IN!

In typical fashion we pulled out all the stops to gather valuable knowledge from our customers and friends in the industry that had already done this trip--guys like Alex Holman, Gary Reeder, JD Jones, Mike Cyrus, William Smith, Mark Hampton, Ken Kelly and others. With Ruth all over the travel details as well as what was required to travel with firearms and ammunition internationally, my focus became the actual firearms, calibers and platforms to be used. It is important to note that our earliest decisions were based on the anticipated delivery of the new SSK-50 frames that had just been introduced. With delivery scheduled for late December, there was just enough time to get the pistols and rifles built in time for permits, have SSK build the barrels, then get the loads worked up, sighted in and prepped for the trip. We also discovered that our government really doesn't like for us to travel abroad with OUR OWN suppressors. We are an FFL and SOT, but that didn't matter. That solution came from our PH, Denver Gowar. Although SA gun laws are more complex, we were surprised to find suppressors aren't regulated there. They can be bought over the counter with no delay. I got the specs to Denver and problem solved, realizing, of course, that I'd be leaving them there when we were done. This is when "THE PLAN" began to break down. Difficulties between S&W, Thompson Investment Castings and Lehigh Defense/SSK delayed delivery of MY frames till April. Don't our friends in NH and MA, that we spend so much time promoting, realize how important this is, not only to us, but to the entire SINGLE SHOT COMMUNITY? Our friends at Lehigh Defense(LD) and SSK firearms certainly did, with Brian(SSK) already making 4 Contender barrels for us, LD jumping through hoops with bullets, brass, dies, and load data. They were instrumental in the success of this trip! I spent 30 plus years being the guy that created "THE PLAN" to execute large electrical installations and I had a saying, always have a plan but your ultimate success is most often determined by adjustments to that plan. With no SSK-50 frames to be had, I started collecting an assortment of G1 Contender and G2 Contender frames that we as a family had collected (remember the barrels are in process), deciding on the Leupold optics and gear, clothing, boots, and everything else needed. The following is a list of firearms and loads we chose:

375JDJ Contender rifle, 20" threaded SS SSK barrel w/TSOB base, 3-9x40 Leupold Freedom scope, RH TH Revolution laminate, 250gr Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracture bullets

375JDJ Contender pistol, 14" SS Full Vent Rib SSK barrel, Leupold 2.5-8X32 VX-3i scope, Crusher Loop laminate, 185gr Lehigh Defense Controlled Fracture bullets

309JDJ Contender rifle, 20" SS SSK barrel with TSOB base, Leupold 3-9x40 Freedom scope, RH TH revolution Laminate, 152gr Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos bullets

6.5JDJ Contender rifle, 20" SS SSK barrel with TSOB base, Leupold 3-9x40 Freedom scope, Upgraded M4 telescopic RIP dipped stockset, 110 gr Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos bullets

LARRY, yes, we name our guns. This 6.5JDK Contender pistol with an SSK Blue 12" barrel autographed "Larry Kelly" made by JD Jones for his friend, an old Nikon pistol scope that didn't survive the trip, all set up as a tribute to Ken Kelly's Dad by Eric. 110gr Lehigh Defense bullets with the loads worked up for me by JD Jones personally. Thanks, JD


The only Encore in the group, named THE MUTT because Eric says it's the ugliest gun he has ever assembled, 2 tone RIP Cerakoted Weathershield frame, 1 lb 15ounce trigger job by Eric, 24" blue MGM barrel chambered in 6.5 x 284 Norma by Mike Bellm and threaded, Leupold VX-3i 6.5-20x50 CDS scope, Birch RH TH Revolution laminate, Marty's handloads developed over 3 years with Dennis using the Hornady 143gr ELDX bullet perfectly tuned to the Leupold CDS dial scope. Ugly yes, BUT this dog can hunt.


While all this was coming together we had multiple opportunities to communicate with our Professional Hunter (PH), Denver Gowar. An absolutely engaging 22 year old young man, heavy accent, and as we found out, a brilliant hunter and now friend. As he was trying to get to know us, our abilities, our physical fitness, and our firearms he had some questions that bring us back to the title of this story, ONE GOOD SHOT.

Why single shots? Most everybody uses bolt guns. Why handguns? Nobody uses them. What are all those JDJ rounds for? What distances are they good for? Bullets? What are those Lehigh Defense bullets anyway? What is a BOG POD Death Grip? Everybody uses some form of sticks. These African plains animals are tough, most often requiring quick follow up shots, Initially, THE MUTT wasn't on our list as we were told shot distances of 200-250 yds max. Denver asked if I had a long range rifle perhaps we could have some fun with it so I'm thinking Baboons? Jackals? Bush Pigs at night? Ok I'll bring it. So an accidental adjustment to the plan changed history for us. I also started explaining the history of the single shot firearms we represent with ONE GOOD SHOT being the motto. If I've done my job up front, and deliver the goods at the right time and place, then we only need "ONE GOOD SHOT".


1) Marty, Ruth and Eric all capable shooters.

2) Bog Pod Death Grip, essentially a very sturdy adjustable height tripod with a vise mounted on top. Denver now says it’s the most reliable, sturdy shooting platform he has ever seen.

3) Leupold CDS Dial VX-3i 6.5-20x50 scope 30mm tube combined with Marty’s developed handloads using Hornady 143gr ELDX bullets, perfectly tuned to the dial thus taking elevation completely out of any shooting solution by simply turning the dial to the desired elevation.

4) ANY of our single shot rifles and pistols that have been assembled precisely, and accurized to the max.

At this point I will forego the detail of each successful animal taken but will refer you at the end of the article of where to go to read each in detail. The following is a summary of the animals harvested, distances and firearms used:

Red Hartebeast - 380 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

Impala - 300 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

Black Wildebeest - 326 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

Blesbuck -165 yds-Ruth - THE MUTT OGS

Warthog - 40 yds-Marty - 375JDJ Pistol OGS

Duiker - 273 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

ELAND - 350 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

Springbuck - 240 yds-Eric - THE MUTT OGS

KUDU - 597 yds-Eric - THE MUTT OGS

Gemsbuck - 260 yds-Ruth - THE MUTT OGS

Springbuck - 425 yds-Marty - THE MUTT OGS

Black Wildebeest - 400/440 yds-Eric - THE MUTT

Warthog - 250/250 yds-Eric - 375JDJ Rifle

Bushbuck - 236 yds-Eric - 375JDJ Rifle

KUDU - 221 yds-Marty - 375JDJ Pistol -300 yds-375JDJ Rifle-Marty - 25 yds-375JDJ Pistol-Eric

Steenbuck -155 yds-Ruth - 375JDJ Rifle

Ruth and I were there the full 10 days and Eric the last 6 days of the hunt. As you can imagine, we got after it!

Ruth's Gemsbuck

Eric's Bushbuck

Marty's Kudu

You may also notice that it took 3 shots to finish off my pistol KUDU, here is an excerpt from Eric's Final Day Blog Post as he reflects on that KUDU :

"That said, I realize this wasn't just his bull. I insisted he take the first shot. Actually demanded it because I knew he had it in him, and I was honored to take the final shot. But this wasn't just his bull or my bull or our bull. This incredible Kudu is the product of all pistol hunters before us, the entire community we hunt with and for and support, and all who helped push us into this first of a lifetime hunt. We are blessed, and we know it."

To read the whole story as a daily journal, click here for the HausofArms Blog and enjoy. There are about 17 posts so be sure to start with the prequel, "Everything Before the Hunt."

As soon as the promotional video is posted to YouTube, we will send out a newsletter blast with the link. You won't be disappointed. You can follow Coppermoon's Facebook page here and their Instagram page here.

Wow, also looks like THE MUTT has attained legendary status in South Africa. This cannot be debated. Our hosts see hunters from all over the world and "they all say they can shoot," but and I quote, "We have never seen a family, a system and a gun that DID NOT miss a single shot attempted at a trophy animal!" So what I am about to say will make no sense to some and be applauded by others, WE LEFT THE SYSTEM THERE. The Bog Pod, THE MUTT, the ammo, the Leupold scope, the suppressors, all stayed in SA and are in process of being transferred to our PH Denver Gowar. This means we can simply show up for our scheduled hunt, use THE SYSTEM with no hassle of traveling with firearms and ammo. BUT this also means any of YOU can do the same. Just tell Denver you are friends of HausofArms when you book your hunt. Can't be any easier than that.

As long as this writeup is there really are no words to describe this experience for my family. We have been truly blessed. The only question now is when do we go back?


While we were in South Africa early March I think, I got word that Danielle Sanville, T/C Brand Manager, and potentially some additional staff had been let go, and as of this writing, have not been replaced (4/20/20). What does this mean for the future of the T/C brand? Who knows. We also know that as of last November the S&W CEO had been removed by the board and then it was announced that S&W was to be split away from AOB, American Outdoor Brands. The obvious question I asked at that time was what happens to T/C? The only answer I could get was that T/C stays with S&W. The end of their fiscal year is 4/30/20 so soon there will be a much clearer picture. It is a messy divorce because S&W makes the frames and barrels while Battenfeld (BTI) distributes all the parts and pieces, with the T/C Brand being a major piece of the pie for them. So I guess we will see what happens. Personally, I will say that for us it can only get better.


I've already explained in detail what not having these frames has meant to me personally, so for a minute, indulge me to get philosophical with you. When you are in the middle of a battle there are probably two things you can be sure of:

1) You aren't sure exactly when it will be over

2) You know that whatever it takes you will prevail!

December came and went and so did April, and the battle has raged on but at last it seems the new boundaries have been defined successfully. Lehigh Defense/SSK is a friend and an ally! Wow, that was deep! 

1) A new casting foundry has been employed

2) Inspection samples are due to LD by end April

3) If that step is successful, production begins with 400 units (first order) then headed to LD

4) Once those are received at LD, they will need to machine, heat treat, assemble and engrave

5) Mid-summer?

6) Be patient, as I said a minute ago, we will prevail. The resolve of LD/SSK will win the day.


A follow up phase to the SSK-50 Frame project not only has begun but is well under way. These barrels, made with Green Mountain blanks, will most likely be on the shelves here at HausofArms by the time you receive this magazine. Initially there will be 3 bore sizes, .308" fast twist 1:7, .429" 1:16 twist and .458" 1:18 twist. Barrels for Encore, Contender, pistol and rifle, all stainless. BULL, FULL and Heavy contours. As appropriate in the following chamberings:














More bore sizes will follow. Note that Brian and I have been creative in these offerings as well as creating forend solutions in advance and also changing the mounting methods to create stronger attachment for those forends. Prices will be excellent! Another example of the commitment to our community by LD/SSK.


Even one more project that was announced alongside the SSK-50 Frames and Barrels was support for the wildcat calibers. Many mainstays caliber wise for the Contender platform have faded in recent years due to the lack of support for the components necessary for them to prosper. So in conjunction with the SSK Hunter line of barrels, you will soon be able to purchase ALL the components for the 309JDJ caliber on HausofArms.com. Our plan is to add these components as we add that particular caliber to the barrel line up, AND if all goes well, an incentive based program that gives larger discounts based on the number of components you select with your barrel order. Let's let the fun begin.

Be safe, stay healthy and shoot straight. 


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Have You Ever Seen a Grizzly Bear?

I remember vividly the first time I saw a grizzly. Marty (Dad) and my brother in law James and me were all on Contwoyto Lake in Nunavut, Canada on a 5 day "once in a lifetime" (we say that a lot) hunt for barren ground Caribou. It was day three and we didn't just SEE a grizzly bear. We saw grizzly bearS and watched an epic showdown the producers at Discovery Channel would have drooled to have an opportunity to film. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Our Final Day

I think I had mentioned more than a couple times in previous posts that it was our goal to use as many of the firearms we took into the country as possible on our South African hunt. Unfortunately we hit a couple snags along the way: first and foremost, the Mutt's (previously heralded "can't miss" 6.5x284 Norma caliber Encore) prowess had been established early on and it was obvious our host's enthusiasm created an open door to use the rifle again and again. Second, we were out of the rut season and moving within big bore rifle range and/or pistol range of these animals on their own turf was proving difficult. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck

Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck

Second to last day... I had gone from some feelings of anxiety due to how much success Marty and Ruth had in their first days of hunting, to some uncertainty about whether or not we would be able to connect on our final three list animals: Bushbuck, Warthog & Steenbuck. Couple this consideration with the fact that Marty was now chomping at the bit to nab either another Kudu or Nyala with the pistol and our final two days of hunting were sure to be full. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom

Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom

I think the only day we didn't make a score was Monday, March 9. There were a couple of animals who gave us the absolute runaround for the majority of our time there: the skittish Bushbuck, and the wiley and jumpy Steenbuck. Oh, and even mature boar warthogs were fairly uncooperative. Even though we didn't connect on an animal that day, it wasn't empty or for naught. As Marty said in his post on day 8, he and Denver headed into East Somerset for some intensely important business purposes, aka: transferring the Mutt to South African firearms registration for the purchase of future hunts as well as a loaner opportunity of folks wanting to travel and hunt South Africa without the worry of traveling with their own guns. Yep, you heard right. You can hunt South Africa with a proven T/C platform without worrying about taking your firearms in and out of the USA. 

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Eric's Africa Annotations - Black Wildebeest

Remember earlier when I said my concern was growing over the "list" animals that would be left by the time I arrived in South Africa to meet my parents? No? Quick recap: I arrived to Coppermoon on Day 5 of their 10 day hunt and they had already dropped and had 6 animals in the salt. Granted one of them was the "off list" Giant Eland Dad miraculously put down with one shot from the 6.5 Mutt, but still, with 3 hunters and 6 days of hunting on site for me I was getting a little worried. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Kudu & Springbuck

When I said in my previous post that I dressed to be ready to hunt as soon as I stepped off the plane in Port Elizabeth I meant it. So when we arrived at the extremely adequate accommodations of Coppermoon Hunting Safaris I was a little anxious to get out when I greeted my folks, met the camera crew that was joining us and the rest of the staff making things happen around Coppermoon. Dad (as always) was prompt to embark on stories to tell me how things were, their style etc rather than just letting me find out on my own. It's his way, not his fault. 

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Eric's Africa Annotations - First Thoughts

We went to Africa to hunt and it was absolutely insane. Truly.... expectations were exceeded in every area and what we entered into thinking would be a "once in a lifetime" hunt/trip quickly evolved into what we would call a "first in a lifetime" trip. In fact, I personally had wanted to hunt Africa ever since I heard it was a thing at about the ripe old age of 15, but had honestly never thought it would be a possibility. It's so far away, it's so expensive, the trip itself is too long, where do I even begin? All of these questions and more I didn't even know I had would be answered in short order.

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SOUTH AFRICA, Closing Thoughts

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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 10, 3/11/2020

How is it the last day of hunting already...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 9, 3/10/2020

A 5am departure for the alfalfa field of Saturday evening...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 8, 3/9/2020

For reasons left for better explanation till later...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 7, 3/8/2020

Struggling without internet and the ability to communicate effectively...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 6, 3/7/2020

This day began with a couple of failed Steenbuck stalks...
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