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2018 Shot Show and 2018 GAOS Review and Newsletter

Posted by Marty on 2/18/2018
This has been an unusually busy travel spring for the HausofArms crew. First a trip to the 5 day 2018 Shot Show in Las Vegas coupled with a visit to MGM Barrels in Hurricane, UT.  We were home long enough to enjoy 4 days of the flu then we headed to The Great American Outdoor Show in PA.  Emily did an awesome job running things in our absence. Okay, let's get to the bullet points:

The biggest Thompson Center news from the show occurred the very first morning, The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Contender was unveiled first thing. TC Brand manager, Danielle Sanville, was gracious enough to do a LIVE FaceBook with me to make that announcement. You can see the picture attached but here is a brief description anyway. Picture this, a blue G2 high gloss frame, with the gussets milled off to create that slab side look, the "cougar" head in gold on one side and the 50th Anniversary logo in gold on the other. The barrel was an octagon 10" gloss blue 22 LR with open sights and the furniture is walnut in a nice collector case. I'm told these will be numbered with an MSRP of $1380. Details will follow a little later in this article regarding how to order them. 

You make the Call

Posted by Administrator on 7/27/2015
You make the Call. Here are the facts: 1) items pictured Dimension 308 barrel, D bolts and bridge mounts have been backordered for at least 6-8 months. 2) 5 of my major suppliers are placing all Dimension items on clearance 3) AND this is the big one, removing all SKU numbers from their online inventories. Question, what is happening with the Dimension as a platform? My disclaimer is, I have no insider knowledge from TC about this. This is what HausofArms is doing: buying everything Dimension I can find including magazines. If the music stops I plan to have these components for my following. If the music doesn't stop, I'll change my name to C. Little. One more tidbit to consider. The magazines are interchangeable with the Venture platform so they should be available. Marty

Haus of Arms Post SHOT Show Newsletter

Posted by Ebbs on 2/18/2015
Haus of Arms Post SHOT Show Newsletter

Notes on Hinge Pins: 

Did you know that you can use your smaller (looser) factory hinge pins to help guide your oversized hinge pins into the frame and barrel lug? Rather than putting the barrel and frame together loose and hoping the oversized pin “self guides” its way in just leave your factory hinge pin in place as you drive in the oversized hinge pin.

BE SURE to always use a lubricant to help guide the new pin into your frame. Not only does this make insertion easier, but it prevents damage to the frame or barrel lug due to unnecessary friction. The lube doesn’t....

Haus of Arms September 2014 Newsletter

Posted by on 9/17/2014
Got Snow Camo?

Several months ago we started on an endeavor to attempt adding camo patterns to T/C Encore Pro Hunter stock sets that have not and from what we understand will not be added to the factory T/C synthetic stock lineup. 

Haus of Arms Newsletter June 2014 Edition

Posted by Administrator on 6/22/2014
Greetings, friends of Haus of Arms. Here are some details about what’s been happening in our world since the last update. All highlighted areas are links directly to item or service listings on the HoA site. 


That’s right! We are now prepared to begin offering trigger jobs on your existing T/C Encore frames. Upgrades will be available using a complete Mike Bellm 3-3 1/2 pound trigger spring kit. Changes to your frame occur in parts only as we will not be performing modifications to the internal organs. 

Here’s how it works... 

Forend Solutions For Bergara TC4700 45-70 Govt Barrels

Posted by Marty on 4/24/2014
The FULL contour diameter of Bergaras TC4700 45-70 GOVT barrel has created some creative opportunities as to which forend to use. Bergara makes a great line of interchangeable Encore/Prohunter barrels in many calibers BUT standard Encore/Prohunter rifle forends DO NOT fit, they are just a shade to the small side. Syn thetic rifle forends can be modified but will require a certain level of skill to accomplish and then that forend may not be reusable on your other rifle barrels. The easiest solution is to use your muzzleloader forend if you have one. I know the mounting screws are different but simply remove the forend bushings from below your muzzleloader barrel and reinstall them below your rifle barrel and install the forend, it fits perfectly. Note, care must be taken not to strip those tiny screws that hold the bushings on and I recommend using a hollow ground screwdriver sized correctly. Another solution utilizing a shotgun forend is still under investigation and requires using longer rifle forend screws and washers to install your shotgun forend to the rifle barrel. I also believe these solutions will apply to the laminate stocksets that I sell. More later....... Until then be safe and shoot straight. Marty

March Madness Winner Determined!

Posted by Marty on 3/16/2014

HausofArms March Madness Newsletter

Posted by Marty on 2/28/2014

Haus of Arms Newsletter- Shot Show 2014 Edition

Posted by Administrator on 1/16/2014

Haus of Arms Newsletter- 2nd Edition

Posted by Administrator on 12/18/2013

Haus of Arms Newsletter- 1st Edition

Posted by Administrator on 11/12/2013
 Well this is it, the first edition of the HausofArms newsletter. I concentrate so much on inventory control, e-listings, customer service and generally being "that guy" (the guy that answers the phone and helps people) as my son calls me, that I have fallen short in the development of my social media skills. So here we go! 

My goal here is as follows: 
1) Communicate Thompson Center news as I learn it from my connections there. 
2) Give tips to my newsletter subscribers that will help them help other TC enthusiasts. 
3) Keep that group up to date on the latest happenings at HausofArms.com


If you have purchased a Weathershield barrel in either centerfire or muzzleloader variety and notice rust forming on the breech block, contact TC customer service at 1-866-730-1614, they will send you a return ship label and make it right. Apparently quality control has missed the bluing process on the breech blocks on some barrels and they rust badly. Don't ask me why with such a uniquely impressive product as Weathershield, there is that little part that is still blue. Here is an example in a bad case:

Haus of Arms NEW PRODUCTS: 

I am now able to purchase Bergara barrels directly from Bergara. I stock nearly all available models of centerfire and muzzleloader barrels. Although I have owned and shot both Bergara and TC barrels, I can't say one is better than the other although some insist Bergara is better. Probably like Ford and Chevy owners.  

As always feel free to contact me through this site, email at tc4marty@gmail.com or by phone at 636-359-0104. Marty

Another TC Recall

Posted by Marty on 6/14/2013
Another safety recall just announced by Thompson Center today. Basically all of their bolt guns produced prior to yesterday including all Venture, all Icon and all Dimension rifles. See this attached link for more details. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category4_750001_750051_788653_-1_757978_757978_image

T/C Dimension Media

Posted by Administrator on 4/16/2013

My Encore Breech Won't Lock UP

Posted by Marty on 3/3/2013

Mike Bellm- The Real Deal

Posted by Marty on 1/16/2013

At Thompson Center Demand Is King

Posted by Marty on 1/15/2013

Shot Show 2013 in Las Vegas

Posted by Marty on 1/14/2013