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Eric's Africa Annotations - Our Final Day

I think I had mentioned more than a couple times in previous posts that it was our goal to use as many of the firearms we took into the country as possible on our South African hunt. Unfortunately we hit a couple snags along the way: first and foremost, the Mutt's (previously heralded "can't miss" 6.5x284 Norma caliber Encore) prowess had been established early on and it was obvious our host's enthusiasm created an open door to use the rifle again and again. Second, we were out of the rut season and moving within big bore rifle range and/or pistol range of these animals on their own turf was proving difficult. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck

Eric's Africa Annotations - Warthog & Bushbuck

Second to last day... I had gone from some feelings of anxiety due to how much success Marty and Ruth had in their first days of hunting, to some uncertainty about whether or not we would be able to connect on our final three list animals: Bushbuck, Warthog & Steenbuck. Couple this consideration with the fact that Marty was now chomping at the bit to nab either another Kudu or Nyala with the pistol and our final two days of hunting were sure to be full. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom

Eric's Africa Annotations - Hunting with Mom

I think the only day we didn't make a score was Monday, March 9. There were a couple of animals who gave us the absolute runaround for the majority of our time there: the skittish Bushbuck, and the wiley and jumpy Steenbuck. Oh, and even mature boar warthogs were fairly uncooperative. Even though we didn't connect on an animal that day, it wasn't empty or for naught. As Marty said in his post on day 8, he and Denver headed into East Somerset for some intensely important business purposes, aka: transferring the Mutt to South African firearms registration for the purchase of future hunts as well as a loaner opportunity of folks wanting to travel and hunt South Africa without the worry of traveling with their own guns. Yep, you heard right. You can hunt South Africa with a proven T/C platform without worrying about taking your firearms in and out of the USA. 

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Eric's Africa Annotations - Black Wildebeest

Remember earlier when I said my concern was growing over the "list" animals that would be left by the time I arrived in South Africa to meet my parents? No? Quick recap: I arrived to Coppermoon on Day 5 of their 10 day hunt and they had already dropped and had 6 animals in the salt. Granted one of them was the "off list" Giant Eland Dad miraculously put down with one shot from the 6.5 Mutt, but still, with 3 hunters and 6 days of hunting on site for me I was getting a little worried. 
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Eric's Africa Annotations - Kudu & Springbuck

When I said in my previous post that I dressed to be ready to hunt as soon as I stepped off the plane in Port Elizabeth I meant it. So when we arrived at the extremely adequate accommodations of Coppermoon Hunting Safaris I was a little anxious to get out when I greeted my folks, met the camera crew that was joining us and the rest of the staff making things happen around Coppermoon. Dad (as always) was prompt to embark on stories to tell me how things were, their style etc rather than just letting me find out on my own. It's his way, not his fault. 

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Eric's Africa Annotations - First Thoughts

We went to Africa to hunt and it was absolutely insane. Truly.... expectations were exceeded in every area and what we entered into thinking would be a "once in a lifetime" hunt/trip quickly evolved into what we would call a "first in a lifetime" trip. In fact, I personally had wanted to hunt Africa ever since I heard it was a thing at about the ripe old age of 15, but had honestly never thought it would be a possibility. It's so far away, it's so expensive, the trip itself is too long, where do I even begin? All of these questions and more I didn't even know I had would be answered in short order.

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SOUTH AFRICA, Closing Thoughts

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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 10, 3/11/2020

How is it the last day of hunting already...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 9, 3/10/2020

A 5am departure for the alfalfa field of Saturday evening...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 8, 3/9/2020

For reasons left for better explanation till later...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 7, 3/8/2020

Struggling without internet and the ability to communicate effectively...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 6, 3/7/2020

This day began with a couple of failed Steenbuck stalks...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 5, 3/6/2020

Denver had to meet Eric in Port Elizabeth on Friday morning...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 4, 3/5/2020

Thankfully, the temperatures moderated back into the 80’s and after the very long Day 3...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 3, 3/4/2020

Realizing that the Kudu was first on everyone's list...
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 2, 3/3/2020

The biggest change for Day 2 was carrying the 6.5 x 284 Norma Long Range Encore
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SOUTH AFRICA, Day 1, 3/2/2020

Our first morning out we were chomping at the bit to get into the action. 
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SOUTH AFRICA, Everything Before The Hunt Begins

The following is a list of things to do and opinions on why to do them before you go on a trip of a lifetime.

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Post Shot Show 2020 Update- A TALE OF 2 T/C'S

I'm known as being a positive guy--the glass is always half full or more, never half empty. 
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Pre Shot Show 2020 Update

2 weeks from today we will be on the show floor reporting to you, our SINGLE SHOT COMMUNITY
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Happy Thanksgiving 2019 from HausOfArms


Black Friday Sale
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July Updates From HausOfArms


In comparison to a true humanitarian crisis, the “Great Frame Shortage of 2019” may not be that big of a deal, but in our world it feels like a HUGE DEAL.  We are working with T/C to get Encore frames back into production ASAP.  We are still taking Encore frame orders, but please know that we do not have a confirmed ship date from T/C yet.  We do have G2 frames in stock and ready to ship!  

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We have been able to continue to offer 2018 pricing on factory barrels for the last several months because we were able to lock in our 2018 prices for the first several orders of 2019.  

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March Newsletter

March Newsletter From HausOfArms

50th Anniversary G2 Contenders

We are steadily receiving shipments of the 50th Anniversary G2 Contenders, and we have already shipped two dozen to happy customers.  We expect to receive our next shipment in April.

350 Legend Barrels From Match Grade Machine

We are expecting our first shipment of 350 Legend Barrels for all platforms by the end of March.  We still have a few pre-sale barrels left, but we don’t expect them to last.  If you are considering a 350 Legend barrel, we would suggest ordering asap.

350 Legend Scopes And Ammo

Leupold plans to release 350 Legend Scopes by early summer.  These will be CDS scopes specifically designed for the 350 Legend.  We plan to stock a few of these scopes. (We also plan to stock them for the 450 Bushmaster).  

We hope to stock Winchester’s 350 Legend Ammo as soon as it’s available.  

HausOfArms Soft Pistol Cases

We have a few of our HausOfArms pistol cases left, and we plan to order more.  These cases come in 24 and 27 inch options, and they will fit a scoped pistol in all platforms.

16.5” Threaded 6.5 Creedmoor Dimension Barrels By Bellm

As always, we strive to offer new custom items on a regular basis.  We sent a few of our 6.5 Creedmoor Dimension barrels to Mike Bellm to have them cut down and threaded.  Mike cut them down to 16.5” and added a 5/8-24 thread with a cap. These barrels are a perfect fit for a small blind!  

T/C Shooters Challenge

Our friend, John Tasker, runs the T/C Shooters Facebook group.  He has started a monthly shooting challenge, and there will be prizes for the winners!  Check it out!

A Note From Marty

Many of you are already aware of the blatant attack on our 1A and 2A rights by Facebook.  They have recently shut down multiple T/C enthusiast groups with zero recourse. While we plan to continue to use the HausOfArms Facebook page for as long as possible, we are also encouraging our followers to join us on MeWe.  MeWe is a 2A friendly site, and we are asking everyone to join in case our Facebook page is shut down.  

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February Newsletter From HausOfArms

February Newsletter From HausOfArms

Introducing The 350 Legend By Match Grade Machine

At SHOT Show, Winchester introduced their newest ammo: 350 Legend.  There has been a lot of buzz and excitement about the possibilities that the 350 Legend can offer.  Dylan from Match Grade Machine came home from SHOT Show and got to work designing a 350 Legend barrel for both the Encore and Contender.  We are offering them as a pre-sale item right now, and we should have them by the end of March. We are offering them for the Encore and Contender in both blued and stainless.  They will be 20” long, threaded with a cap, and 1:16 twist.

The 350 Legend WILL NEVER Replace the 357 Rem Max

As many of you know, the HausOfArms Crew LOVES the 357 Rem Max.  We all own one, and we all love them for different reasons: lack of recoil, versatility, accuracy...we could go on all day about the 357 Rem Max.  Here’s the deal, the 357 Rem Max isn’t an accessible barrel for everyone because not everyone reloads and not everyone can afford to buy reloads, but the 357 Rem Max has a loyal following and will ALWAYS have a loyal following.   This is where the 350 Legend comes in. It has many of the same qualities as the 357 Rem Max, AND the price point and accessibility of the ammunition makes it accessible to ALL.

What Match Grade Machine Says About The 350 Legend

The 350 Legend is perfect for the states that are restricted to 1.8" straight wall case for hunting.  Winchester had youth, women, and those of us that are recoil sensitive in mind during development. This case is designed to compete with cartridges like the 450 Bushmaster and the 460 S&W, but without the recoil. New case features include an overall length of 1.71", a slightly rebated rim that is the same diameter as the 223 Remington, multiple SKU’s of factory loaded ammunition, plus the benefit of reloadability with a plentiful supply of 35 caliber bullets. This blazing round will have great muzzle velocity combined with proper hunting bullets that will allow you to reach out to 300 yards and beyond with confidence. There’s no doubt that the 350 Legend will be a great addition to your Encore or Contender barrel collection.  See it in action: https://winchester.com/350-Legend#video

Ballistics From Winchester























MeWe: A Gun Friendly Social Media Platform

While we intend to continue to utilize the HausOfArms Facebook Page, we are well aware that many similar pages and groups are being deleted without reason or recourse.  You may have noticed that the All T/C Contenders All The Time and the T/C Addiction groups have been deleted. Facebook permanently deleted these groups because they made someone feel “unsafe”.  We are choosing to be proactive, and we are asking our followers to join us on MeWe. You can find our page here: https://mewe.com/p/hausofarms. While you are at it, please be sure to join Justin VanDee’s new group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/395097161056641/.

50th Anniversary G2 Contenders

As of right now, we haven’t received anymore of the 50th Anniversary Contenders, but we expect to start receiving regular weekly shipments of them!  The first one that we received went to a legend in the T/C community. Bob Bryarly has been a champion and advocate for Thompson Center for decades, and we were honored to be able to fulfill his order.

A Note From Marty

Our first shipment of 2019 T/C Catalogs arrived this week! We will be adding one to every HausOfArms order that goes out the door while supplies last.  We can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks about them.

Shoot Straight and Be Safe,

Marty and The HausOfArms Crew

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