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SB Tactical Pistol Stabilizing Brace FS1913

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Finally the first batch of these have arrived! SB Tactical Pistol stabilizing braces. It attaches with a 1913 Interface to our Sharps grips or any other 1913 Interface adapter. Designated by the ATF as a "Non-buttstock", therefore it is a handgun grip. It is a folding stock so clearly it can fit in a backpack, and you can also attach a barrel to your G1 Contender, SSK-50, G2 Contender or Encore frame less than 16" long  and not be in violation of the SBR(short barreled rifle) laws that require a special tax stamp, EVEN if you shoulder it! As explained to me, "how you use it does not change the ATF designation". Check out the YouTube video links below as we demonstrate these platforms with calibers ranging from 17HMR to 444Marlin. Marty

You can see Eric's demonstration of how we use this here.

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