Ever wonder why it is so hard to find products from Thompson Center? I have, and that frustration sometimes spills its venom in my blog paragraphs.
   How come I get 3 questions a day about blue frames and TC hasn't been producing ANY Encore or Prohunter Blue frames? Makes no sense to me.
   As many of you know I'm at the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas this week in a joint venture between HausofArms and HausofGuns.com. The creator of HoG (Ebb's) is none other than my son. On adventures like this he helps me with my main tasks of finding new suppliers for HausofArms and I run the video camera for him as he works on his product reviews and building relationships and to be honest for both of us this place is gold. Besides getting to spend time with your grown son and his wife and talk about guns all day long, it doesn't get better than that.
   OK MARTY return from the rabbit trail and tell the people what they want to know. A major goal of this trip was to gain the ear of someone at Thompson Center that was willing to answer some very direct questions. When I asked the question about inventory and production levels for the Dimension and Encore lines he was very direct. Space is a premium! Machine time a premium! Something is being produced 24 hours a day and those product lines that sell the most or in other words have the greatest demands win. He honestly told me that sales of standard blue Encore frames was so low that they couldn't justify taking production time away from other better selling lines any longer. Makes sense from a business standpoint I guess but we have been spoiled. 
   Remember when you could call TC Custom Shop and request your own personal project engineer? I do. As Thompson Center is redefined for us, I guess the best thing for us to do is make the best of it. He assured me things (specifically Customer Service ) will get better. In the mean time enjoy your Encore and Prohunter and Dimensions. They truly are great products. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty