A few posts ago I blogged about how practical the Dimension was for a buddy of mines kid.  Those same areas of practicality fit women shooters as well. My concern was the TC Dimension would be viewed as a specialty gun and not a mainstream bolt action gun.
   Two blog posts ago I described my Dimension squared project whereby I'm having a 7mm-08 Remington Dimension barrel rechambered to a 280 Ackley Improved.
   To accomplish that project I had to not only buy the 7mm-08 barrel with its mag housing and magazine but because the 280 AI brass parent cartridge is a 30-06 Springfield I had to buy the 30-06 package because in Thompson Centers' infinite wisdom you can't actually buy the mag housing separately and then because of the length of the 280 AI cartridge I had to buy the "D" family bolt.
   OK finally to this post! My son "Ebbs" over at www.hausofguns.com was in my shop helping me get set up after the move from Missouri and he noticed that "extra" Dimension 30-06 barrel laying there and asked me what I was going to do with it. Bottom line he had a Nebraska Mule deer hunt coming up in a couple of weeks and thought what a great IDEA it would be if I sponsored his hunt by making sure he was set up with a TC Dimension in 30-06 Spr.
   He used the Dimension, got a nice 4x4 Muley and has meat in the freezer. I asked him for some bullet point type feedback to insert into this post. He will get his full review up soon so be sure to check it out. For now though here are some of his initial thoughts and keep in mind he is a critic  without loyalty and totally objective. One final note, he is about 6'3" and 240 pounds.
Ebbs says-
"Rugged finish. Stock resists a scratches well but acts as a magnet for dirt and dusts where the environments are such. 

Length is manageable and easy to maneuver even in tight spaces

This was my first experience with the bridge mount, which seem to fit scopes with a 50mm and larger objective. It was too high for my 40mm optic but was firm and held zero well. 

MAKE SURE your loaded magazine is seated fully and with the bolt open before hitting the hills. I walked a few hundred yards away from the truck on the first morning when my conscience told me to check the magazine. Glad I did or I'd have been hunting with a single shot again.

The enlarged bolt head is intuitive and easy to find when throwing another round in for fast follow up shots. "
   Thanks to Ebbs for his input. Thats all for now, so till I return shoot straight and be safe. Marty