It occurred to me the other day after a cold day at the range that a blog on gun care after shooting in cold weather might be appropriate. I guess most of the content here really applies for gun care after shooting in any season but I was cold when I thought of it so here goes. How many of us have been guilty of going for a shoot, taking that warm/hot barreled gun and placing in its enclosed case, transporting home, unloading to the house and LEAVING THEM IN THE CASE. We tell ourselves that we will clean it as soon as we get back, because no doubt we spent longer at the range than we planned, got home late, ran through the shower so we could leave asap so as not to upset the balance of nature ( otherwise know as upsetting the significant other). One day turns to two then a week then a month and uh oh! Houston we have a problem. Condensation occurs especially with temperature changes. I recommend getting home, laying them out to re-acclimate to room temperature and leave them out till you get back home. Now I'm not saying to be unsafe about leaving guns lay about at all, just there exposed presence will jog your memory. Clean them good, oil'em down and place them in there humidity controlled safe environments till you are ready to use them again. Take care of them and you will enjoy them for years, wait was I talking about guns or wives? Thanks for reading and be safe. Marty