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Custom Thompson Center ProHunter Black RH Thumbhole Rifle Stocksets

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Custom Thompson Center Prohunter rifle stocksets in Black. The buttstock (RH Thumbhole Prohunter flex tech) will fit all Encore and Pro Hunter frames, the forend (Encore made by Choate) will fit all Encore, Pro Hunter, and Bergara centerfire barrels, I prefer the Choate forend to the prohunter version, wider and better grip feel.  Forend attachment screws included. FlexTech TECHNOLOGY T/C teamed up with Sims, known for their recoil reduction technology, to develop a process that absorbs shock and vibration. The result is the FlexTech recoil reduction system. Reduces felt recoil by 43% Absorbs harmful recoil and vibration that punishes the shooter and damages or loosens scopes. 4 synthetic recoil arches create a crush zone that allows the stock to compress during the recoil process. The limb saver recoil pad has dual compression chambers that displace the shock over a broad spectrum. All of this is built in to the stock of the gun to give you, the shooter, better performance and comfort in the field.

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