Thompson Center Arms, owned by Smith & Wesson has unveiled a new product line in 2012. Dimension. In need of some positive press after a very disastrous PR year TC has unveiled a bold,dynamic and as usual for them innovative new design. A bolt gun that has interchangeable barrels! Predictable maybe but bold for sure. Masters of the interchangeable barrel system Encore Prohunter line I believe they may have struck gold with this also. Black synthetic stockset with similarities to the prohunter flex tech forend look, this beauty is literally as smooth as silk. The unit I shot inn 223 caliber handled with ease, the bolt smooth and decisive and the trigger melts like ice on a hot day, crisp but probably in the 3 lb range. It mounts well and is extremely accurate. The barrel is free floated and is connected to the receiver with an ingenious locking ring system. It does require a wrench style tool to disassemble but looked relatively easy to master with some practice. This new gem is being offered in 204 Ruger, 223 Remington as well as other medium action calibers like the 308 and 7mm-08. Thompson Center reps say this unit is in production and should be hitting the distributors in 4-6 weeks. I can guarantee you one thing, there will be a 204 Ruger with my name on it very soon. To see live fire demos of the new Dimension from TC go to, Ebbs and I are working this project together and having a blast doing it. I for one loved the Dimension, stylish, innovative and practical. The TC reps say an approximate retail for the Dimension will be about $649, no clue what the additional barrels will go for yet, we'll see soon I'm sure. Hopefully, after a year of turmoil between their plant move and the venture recall this will be a positive turn of fortune for "Americas Master Gunmaker". Shoot straight and be safe. Thanks for reading. Marty