I say finally because for the longest time I have heard of the amazing quality, and "out of the box" accuracy of the Bergara barrels. Bergara barrels, owned by a Spanish company and made in Spain use Shilon blanks as the basis for their product are a direct substitute for Encore and Prohunter barrels made by Thompson Center Arms. It is also my understanding that their barrels are used across the board in CVA products. Also for the longest time I have been trying to find out how to purchase these barrels and offer them as a regular product especially since they are literally hand in glove for the Encore and Prohunter line up I already promote. Trust me I did Google searches on multiple occaissions to find if I can purchase direct or what the official distribution network could be. Well that search ended yesterday at the 2012 Shot Show here in Las Vegas. They had a booth, I asked the questions, got the answers, and have an appointment next week to set up an account to purchase direct from Bergara in Georgia. Hurray! Also as a side note, I met Kurt Bellm there. I have the highest respect for Kurt and his dad Mike and the refining and accurizing work they have done for years on the Encore line, and had a great short conversation with him. So the wait will soon be over, look for the Bergara line to be presented on Hausofarms.com. Thanks 2012 shot Show, you helped me accomplish something Google couldn't. Probably more operator error than Google lack of ability. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty