Just wanted to get an update in on a couple fronts before the holiday season gets into full swing. First of all, we hope you all have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family and friends as well as safety in travel.

Judging by the number of phone calls and emails I get daily asking for any kind of update on production/delivery of the SSK-50 frames, I'd never guess that anyone is excited about this project. Seriously, pictures of builds missing the frames aren't going to get them here faster. Good news first--response has been amazing! No other way to say it. To date we have pre-sold over 240 frame units. To put that into context--a great year for us is 500-600 frames sold and those were supported by rebate programs from T/C. So in less that 6 weeks to do roughly half of that is unprecedented. Now the not as good news. Our 12/15 projected date for shipments was aggressive, and to tell you that has slipped by just 1 week is remarkable. From Dave Fricke, "First units are expected to ship about 12/22 and shipments every few days thereafter. We will turn them around daily till they are caught up. We expect that eventually production will catch up with sales but your response just keeps pushing that date back."

Collectively the "Original" Contender demographic has been starved for a very long time, BUT obviously by the actions of Lehigh Defense/SSK Firearms, you have not been forgotten. Dave and his team have been at work on this project secretly for a very long time. We have every confidence that they will deliver very soon so please be patient. Trust me when I say I want my frames in hand every bit as much as you. 

Black Friday Sale
Let's see, Christmas decorations in stores by early September, Black Friday Sales beginning weeks in advance of "that" Friday, neighborhood Christmas decorations up in October? When will it end? 

Here is the most straightforward Black Friday ad you'll ever see. Go to the HausofArms.com Sale Section and you'll see all that is on sale, no coupon codes, just a straight up sale. 

Have a great holiday season.

Be safe and shoot straight,