In the previous newsletter, I asked if 2020 was the new normal. incredible is it that there are only weeks left in this crazy year?! We wanted to take the opportunity to give you a quick update. We attempted to do so 2 times previously, but our ecommerce site had a glitch.

We are happy to report that our shelves have been much better stocked in the past couple weeks, but it's a revolving door. We get them in, update inventory, fill orders and then have to end the listings because they sell so quickly. 


This sale on T/C barrels is a good news/bad news announcement. The good news is we are offering 10% off on 27 barrel SKU’s, Encore and G2. The bad news is we’ve received word from Thompson Center that the 27 SKU’s are being discontinued--many of which are popular offerings for both platforms. Some SKUs are very limited in quantity. This sale will be ongoing, but once they’re gone, they’re gone. HausOfArms was chosen to be able to offer these to our customer base. Here’s a link to check them out: click here


We have several new SSK Hunter G1/G2 barrels in stock. These are all Contender SS, pistol and rifle, in 300 Whisper, 30AI, 3030 Win, 309 JDJ, 44 Mag, 44 Special, 445 SM, 444 Marlin and 4570. SSK Firearms has moved to their new facility. We're excited to see what this will mean to our single-shot community as they crank out many new calibers. .264" (6.5 mm) bore blanks that we were waiting on have arrived, and work on them has begun. Stay tuned...You can check out the Hunter barrels here.


We had 15 MGM barrels arrive last month and leave almost as quickly. Dylan tells us our next batch has shipped. That batch includes 5-Encore 357 Max, 5-Contender 357 Max and 4-Contender 350 Legend, 1-Contender 35 Rem--all stainless. 


Without a doubt, this project is going to materialize. The only update I have at this writing is to report that the work is continuing with the third foundry. We here at HausOfArms cannot wait for the production of these amazing frames. Although we are unable to take orders at this time, give me a call (636-359-0104), and you can get on the waiting list.

Well, that's all folks. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate each and every one of you. You are what make the wheels turn here.

Happy Thanksgiving,