Greetings, friends of Haus of Arms. Here are some details about what’s been happening in our world since the last update. All highlighted areas are links directly to item or service listings on the HoA site. 


That’s right! We are now prepared to begin offering trigger jobs on your existing T/C Encore frames. Upgrades will be available using a complete Mike Bellm 3-3 1/2 pound trigger spring kit. Changes to your frame occur in parts only as we will not be performing modifications to the internal organs. 

Here’s how it works... As a Class 1 FFL we can receive your frame directly from you and ship it straight back to your door after the job is done. Though our trigger job requires a change in parts only, we will verify pull weight and safety from accidental “push off” of the hammer before return shipment (which is included in trigger work price). 

The tricky part is this: we CAN do trigger work on brand new frames, BUT buyer must take possession of the frame prior to us being able to work on it because we are a Class 1 FFL, not a manufacturer. Sounds crazy, but this is how the process has been described to us directly from the tech branch of the BATFE. We will do no "rework" on a frame that has already had "trigger" work attempted. We’ve set the price at a reasonable and competitive rate of $75 per frame. This includes the previously mentioned return shipping, labor and spring kit with job verified safe and trigger pull weight guarantee. 

We can also : Include and install a new locking bolt spring on your barrel. Include and install an oversized hinge pin. Include and install a hammer extension Obviously all at an additional but reduced price while we have your parts in house. Here is a link to the new category with all recently introduced services HoA is offering.


I can almost guarantee this will be the best deal you find on a T/C Dimension bolt action rifle of any kind. Thanks to a special buy from one of our distributors I am able to offer a limited supply of complete Dimension rifles for just $500 apiece! Not only are they just $500, but this price INCLUDES USPS Priority Mail shipping to your FFL.   

Current inventory holds 223 Remington caliber in RIGHT handed AND LEFT handed configuration and 30-06 Springfield caliber in standard RIGHT hand. Supplies are limited so spread the word to your friends you’ve been preaching Dimension to that now is the time to strike. 

COMING SOON: G2 Contender Stocks 

The same beautiful laminate Encore stocks we’ve added as an exclusive to our store just a few months ago are nearly available for T/C G2 Contender frames. Expect to see Pepper Grey, Nutmeg, Forest camo complete configuration featuring standard pistol grip buttstocks and right and left handed thumbhole for you gravy train guys who prefer a little extra comfort. Forends will be available in both rifle and muzzleloader models. Prices will be comparable to their Encore counterparts. 


Always, always, always without exception be sure to coat your hinge pins with a high viscosity lube prior to securing a barrel to your frame. This will keep your frame from damage and likewise allow the use of a stouter pin increasing rigidity for lockup and accuracy. 

This might allow you to take advantage of the new Bellm 1x and 2x hinge pin combos we have in stock. 


Sources at Thompson/Center have confirmed that the new production G2 Contender frame assemblies are “very close” to completion. The first production units were used to complete warranty fulfillment. 

Those of you who have been waiting patiently on the list, hang tight. I have 20 units backordered so hopefully this production run will fill my requests. If you currently have your name on my call back list I promise to contact you as soon as I know something firm. 

As always, thanks for your support and shoot straight.