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HausOfArms "HUSH PUPPY" 2018

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We started with the blue G2 jeweled by Ken Kelly at Mag-Na-Port. We then added a heavy gloss blue MGM 22 Long Rifle Match barrel 7” in length and threaded to rimfire specs wearing a shortened picatinny scope base. The compact nature of this pistola lends itself perfectly to being topped with a Leupold Delta Point Pro and silenced with my Silencerco Spectre II muffler. The grip set is our ambi G2 from Revolution Stocks in the Purple Haze custom color. To soup things up even further the folks over there were very gracious to do a special fit on forend length right up to the shoulder of the threads on the muzzle. It is a striking piece.

The Hush Puppy is no more silent than it is accurate thanks to the combo of the MGM barrel and a 1lb 15oz enhanced trigger. Zeroed at 25 yards the impact of CCI Quiet 22 (750fps) is just ¼” off from the Wolf Match .22. And even with the unmagnified reflex optic it is boringly simple to stack one round on top of another.

Please note that the price does not include the suppressor.

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