Way way overused I know but in this case it has nothing to do with March basketball. The "madness" part involves giving something away. I want to increase my FaceBook presence from 253 likes at, when I reach 500 likes (or until March 31, 2014 if we get there too fast) I will GIVE AWAY the following: any ONE of the Encore/Prohunter laminate stocksets I have listed on my site, OR in case you are a Dimension guy ONE of the newly arrived Camo stocks for the Dimension, OR if you are new to the TC world I will GIVE 1/2 off of any one of the TC Prohunter RIFLE frames that I have in stock. So there is good reason for Encore guys, Dimension guys and even newbies to Like and Share my FB page. Now for the disclaimer, stocksets shipped for free, frames obviously must ship to an FFL, winner must be of legal age and winner is responsible to know any specific state and local laws that may apply. That's it, Like and Share me to 500 likes and the winner will be drawn by a random number tool app and then notified and announced in the next edition of the HOA newsletter. 


    I have had several shooters notify me of issues where Triple Seven primers are used in conjunction with the XT Speed Breech (1/4 turn finger removal TC breech plug system). Apparently varying length issues stop the barrel from closing, we even tried using the supplied tool to torque the breech plug extra tight (see detail next paragraph) but to no avail. Some Winchester primers also have issue but not all. I have had good reports that CCI primer work well.

    Several reports have come in involving the finger removal TC breech plugs that on first use with the breech plug finger tight the barrel/action would not close. The solution as I understand it is on first use to use the supplied wrench tool and torque the breech plug down good and tight, thus seating the seal at the bottom of the plug. By doing this process the breech plug seats deeper and allows the barrel/action to close.


    There has been great response to offering these Laminate stocksets in Pistol Grip, RH and LH Thumbhole models as well as all 3 forend classes, Rifle, MZLDR and Shotgun (combo deals available). Then throw in availability in 3 color schemes, Nutmeg, Pepper Gray and Forest Camo. I have a bet going on with Ebbs over at as to which color will be most popular. He says Forest Camo, I say Nutmeg but to date the Pepper Gray has a slight lead in sales. Check out the pictures and let me know what you think.

    And now the best for last. Infinity Camo and Max1 Camo are the 2 patterns available for these great looking stocks. Long overdue but worth the wait. Check out the pictures! Also just to leave you with a teaser. I am working with the same stock manufacturer that makes the laminate units above to create an exclusive to Laminate WOOD stockset for the Dimension. Programming starts 4/1. Also contact me about a possible use for your old black TC Dimension stocks if you change out to either Camo or the upcoming WOOD models. 

 Until next time shoot straight and be safe. Marty