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HausofArms/MGM 300 WinMAG 24" SS FULL Contour Encore Barrels

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HausofArms has partnered with MGM (Match Grade Machine) in Utah and has done a special batch of these barrels to fill YOUR needs. These are TC Encore Stainless Steel barrels 24" long FULL contour (.875" diameter) chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum with a 1 in 10" twist, and is drilled and tapped for a standard TC 4 hole scope base.  These barrels are outfitted with dove tail bushings on the underside of the barrel instead of the very small screw holes to hold your forend on meaning you use a muzzlelader forend wit 1/4-28 screws just like the muzzleloader so it is a much stronger set up. It also has a "no time" muzzlebrake machined in to ease with recoil. These barrels will fit any TC Encore/Prohunter or Endeavor frame. These are priced less than MGM's normal price, and with free shipping in the continental US and free use of credit cards through HausofArms. 

Check out our video showing the upgrades:

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