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HausofArms/MGM 45 Caliber G2 Contender SS Muzzleloader Barrels

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Barrel Specs: (NOTE, THESE ARE G2 SPECIFIC BARRELS AND WILL NOT WORK ON THE ORIGINAL G1 CONTENDERS). The G2 barrels are 24", and will be full bull the entire length. We will be using a 1 in 20" rate of twist.

Breech Plug: One of the biggest upgrades we made to these barrels to make them more user-friendly was conceiving a way to remove the plug AND extractor without taking off the forend and barrel. To make this possible, we cut a relief in the barrel and lug, which gives about 40% more opening motion. We also moved the extractor retaining pin location closer to the breech and switched it out for a screw for easier removal. Our plugs are conventional 360 degree threaded with 9/16"-24 threads, and a maximum diameter of .625", which means they are optimized for both of the TC's. Notice the carbide bushing, which has a .035" flash hole, which is ideal for black powder. 

Ramrod and Jags: Can you go overboard with a simple ramrod system? Sure. We kept it simple but had every detail planned out and made sure we offered the best combo possible. The rods are solid aluminum, and 700 grit fine belt polished before anodizing, which will aid in preventing bore damage. Both ends are tapped to #10-32, which will allow aftermarket handles or jags to be used. Our jag features an 18-8 SS stud over brass to prevent breakage, and were also built to the same length as a Spin Jag to allow seamless interchangeability. 

Forends:  Like all of our barrels, we want fluidity between using our products and TC accessories. To allow this, we also had to use a similar forend adapter, I say similar because ours is much more impressive. The factory adapters are held in by one measly and shallow #6-48 screw, as ours are drifted into .359"x60 dovetail slots, the same as you see on shotgun or Contender barrels. This means no more broken off forends, (such a problem that TC can't keep the adapters in stock), all while only going .080" deep into the barrels. This improvement was another development between us and ASG, thanks again Mr. Horak! 
Haus of Arms is developing a Contender forend from Revolution for these adapters with consideration of the ramrod as well. They plan on having the popular laminate colors as well as dipped synthetic, and of course the beautiful walnut. 

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