In the beginning there was the Contender, and that begat the Encore and that begat the upgraded Prohunter and that begat the new Thompson Center entry into the interchangeability trend, the new Dimension interchangeable barrel bolt action gun platform. We have come to expect this line of thought from Thompson Center Arms division now of Smith & Wesson. But today at the 2012 Shot Show while filming an interview for Ebbs over at a thought came to me. The context of his interview with MGI was regarding a new idea for the AR platform, yes you guessed it, an interchangeable barrel AR15 platform that can go from a 223 Remington to a 500 Beowolf and lots in between. Revolutionary because normally as an AR platform is adapted to other calibers the frame grows and it becomes a new entity. With this new concept by MGI the magwell changes along with the barrel and bingo new caliber. If you have read my previous posts on the new TC Dimension they have applied this same principle along of course adding a bolt in as well. After the interview ended I asked Mack from MGI if he was aware of TC's idea and he sincerely said no and I believe him. Add in some low end Rossi interchangeability and CVA Apex similar systems and we have us a full fledged trend that has gone mushroom cloud while we watched. Is it a fad? I don't think so, this one has lasted way to long. Another quote I heard today from Ray over at Heiser Defense was that his company was thinking outside the box and not just trading the same overused ideas back and forth. I think this industry has gotten so popular so fast that finally some of the best and brightest minds are applying there skills and leading us into a new era in firearm innovation. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty