You guys and gals are AWESOME! In just 15 days you LIKED and Shared us past our goal of 500 fans. Here is how I arrived at the winner, used a random number generator to determine a number from 1-500, that number was 198. I then went to my likes list and counted till I got to our winner. That person is, no drumroll needed, VINNY BOLOGNA from Pennsylvania. Vinny will have his choice of any of my laminate stocksets, a Dimension camo stock or 1/2 off of any of my Encore Prohunter frames, plus yes that great looking Bergara Tee. So Vinny shoot me an email at [email protected] and lets get this stuff to you. Thanks to all for your efforts, stay on the radar as the next giveaway may just be a Bergara barrel. Stay safe and shoot straight. Marty