During the Vice Presidential debates back in the 1980's, republican candidate Dan Quayle made a JFK reference to which Democrat Lloyd Benson quoted " I knew Jack Kennedy and you are no Jack Kennedy".
   Well sometimes we tend to put people on pedestals and Mike Bellm with BellmTCs is one of these guys. I am here to tell you I have now met him and he is the real deal. At the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas I had the opportunity to have some time to spend with a man who is of legendary status in the TC Encore world. With his son Kurt they have made a living by taking a well thought of product and making it better. They "accurize" the Thompson Center Encore and Prohunter as well as Contender. They sell hinge pins, spring kits with directions, are masters at taking a stock Bergara or Encore barrel and make it better.
   Here are some entries on Mike's resume. In 1979 he bought Parker O. Ackley's business and in his words didn't even know where the switch was to turn on the lathe. He served as an apprentice for the PO Ackley for 10 years, yes the wildcatter that modified factory calibers in an attempt to make them better. Thus when you here the term for example 280 Ackley Improved that means he took the 280 Remington and  Improved it.
   Back to Mike. Just hearing him explain the sciences of ballistics, headspace, forcing cone and the like in lay terms using illustrations that break the explanations down into terms that even a novice could understand, you soon see that this guy gets it. He has passion and loves to talk about it. It truly was a pleasure to get to share that passion for a few minutes today.
   With so many phony and disingenuous people in the world today, Mike Bellm is a "value added" man. Spend a little time around him and you are better for it. Shortly Ebb's over at Hausofguns.com will be posting his video interview with Mike, check it out. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty