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REVOLUTION ENCORE PRW11 "Crusher" Loop/1 Forend Grip Set in SOLID WALNUT

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This Thompson Center ENCORE PRW11 SOLID WALNUT "CRUSHER" Loop grip set is brand new and looks amazing.  These sets are made in the USA for HausofArms by Revolution Stocksets.  Choose from our Left Hand Or Right Hand Options.  The buttstock is specially designed for HausofArms and are made for medium and heavy and extreme recoils. We do recommend this grip for the 30-06 SPR or the 460 S&W round. Frame bolt and forend screws are included. You will receive 1 forend that is suitable for 12" or 15" barrels with any factory barrel channel. The forend measures 7" long and comes with a sling stud that has been tested and used for bipod shooting. The CRUSHER Loop grip fits all Encore, Prohunter or Endeavor frames. GRAIN MAY VARY.  

Check out our Youtube video below to see demonstrations of shooting techniques using the loop design/push-pull grips. 

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