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For reasons left for better explanation later, I took a road trip with Denver to the closest sizable town, Somerset East, on Monday, getting back at about 1pm. Yes, it was an important trip, leaving Eric and Ruth in the capable hands of the tracker team to seek out a wily Steenbuck. Totaling for the day, 18 of these mighty little 30 lb creatures. After at least 3 failed stalks and 2 missed shots using the 309JDJ (the cause most likely being a bump or drop due to the extremely rough gravel/dirt roads we were pounding daily in the truck), we decided to shelve the 309JDJ for the duration, with no time to re-sight without stealing from hunting time. It's important to note that this animal is the size of a small dog with long legs so a very tiny target.

Day 8 was only the 2nd day we didn't score any trophies, but it wasn't without effort.