Finally back to blogging again. Seems like I have time for everything else but writing. Last spring I did a series of blogs from the 2012 Shot Show in Las Vegas regarding Thompson Centers introduction of the Dimension, so I will pick up on that topic again. I finally got my Dimension in 204 Ruger caliber, quickly mounted the scope on it with a set of Weaver rings I had and took it to the range. Using some reloads I had developed for my Encore I sat down at the bench and started the sighting in process. First impressions: 1) loading was very smooth, the magazine loaded easily and the entered the magazine housing. Everything is made of plastic these days! Time will tell how we'll they will last. 2) bolt actuation smooth, I like the large knob and angle for ease of finding without looking. 3) mounts well, has an ergonomic feel to it and stockset almost feels "tacky" in my hands, which I like , I hate slippery feel to grip areas. 4) recoil very light but the 204 Ruger isn't a good test for that. Will withhold judgement till I shoot a larger caliber. 5) accuracy was as advertised, right at an inch group at 100 yds off a bench with a random reload. I guess the 5R rifle stuff works. Overall I was very pleased with shooting the Dimension, I just have to get past the futuristic look of something from the 21st century. Oh wait that's where we are! Time sure flies. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty