Well here we are a year later at the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas!
   I say a year later because it was at the 2012 Show that I started blogging on a regular basis. Last year was my first show and what a surprise to see the Thompson Center Dimension Interchangeable barreled bolt action rifle system unveiled. What will TC unveil this year?
   Well this year saw only a modest unveiling and probably to be more accurate a re-unveiling of and old Product line from Thompson Center. That old product line was the Venture, only slightly modified.
   You might recall THE RECALL that TC had to work through in the middle of relocating from New Hampshire to Springfield, Massachusetts. That recall being for the Venture, a safety issue with the trigger system. Some wondered if that would be the end of the line for the modestly priced bolt rifle, but apparently not.
   The new change for the Venture announced today was a 20" carbine length configuration. In 4 calibers 223 Rem, 22-250 Rem, 308 Win and 7mm-08 Remington. This new model also has a similar system for shortening the buttstock as introduced in the Dimension last year. A series of rubber extension shims that can be added or removed to shorten the overall length of pull for a younger shooter or a lady shooter, good idea. I would guess that was the reason for the limited caliber selection as well, catering to the "small shooter" niche is a popular thing to do in the industry.
   A little anticlimactic to say the least, perhaps I was just spoiled last year. I didn't come without expectation though: 
   A camo pattern stockset for the Dimension?
   More caliber selection for the Dimension?
   A blue/black weathershield frame and barrel selection?
   More barrels selection for the existing Weathershield line up?
   Well maybe next year. Perhaps I should just set my sights lower:
   Like production levels to satisfy my ability to sell their products?
   Stop eliminating existing suppliers of TC products?
   Reopening the Custom Shop?
   Recommitment to customer service?

   Perhaps I should just lighten up and enjoy the Show. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty