Thompson Center Custom Shop is closed. This isn't new news to alot of us that work in the TC products world everyday. But for many the first time they learn this fact is when they call Thompson Center and ask to speak to someone in the Custom Shop. Maybe the last time they had contacted Custom Shop was perhaps years the last time they had a pet project they were interested in like a new caliber made in an Encore or Prohunter barrel. Or maybe to find out if they could have a frame case hardened or engraved.
   Was Custom Shop not profitable? Who knows, probably not. But we can say for sure that it was obviously not part of the "grand" Smith & Wesson plan for Thompson Center as they closed it down at really was there earliest opportunity. When they moved the plant to under the big S & W umbrella.
   Just like the old corner hardware store, where you could go and some old guy could dig and scrounge whatever you needed and was more than willing to do so, so too was Custom Shop that source for whatever we needed. Lowe's and Home Depot's are fine but unfortunately if it isn't produced in a bubble pack it doesn't exist, and that old guy has been replaced by a guy that only knows bubble packs.
   Good bye Custom Shop you will be missed. But I have good news, MGM (Match Grade Machine) located in Utah has taken over as a place where you can get a custom calibered Encore barrel at a very high quality. And also not to be forgotten are Mike and Kurt Bellm  (located in Colorado) , they can rechamber, provide Bergara barrels and all you need to do your own trigger job on an Encore frame, not to mentionaworld of expertise and yes they answer emails. They can be contacted at
   The world keeps turning and things keep changing so we can either adjust or just role over and die. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty