Second post in the Thompson Center Dimension series, topic for this blog post is accuracy. TC's new Dimension platform was announced today at the 2012 shot Show in Las Vegas. Lots of buzz and positive PR has surrounded TC's announcement of their to stratogem. An affordable bolt rifle system that has an interchangeable barrel concept at its core. Should we expect anything less from the creators of the Encore Prohunter single shot interchangeable barrel platform. 1) Simply put 1" MOA accuracy out of the box with the most flexible shooting platform on the market today. 2) 5R rifling, target style crown, free floated barrel i 22" length for the 204,223,22-250,243,7mm-08,and 308 calibers and a 24" length barrel in the 270,30-06,7mm mag, and 300 win mag calibers. 3) Built in Weaver style bases or if you upgrade to the bridge scope mount system you can leave your scope attached to the barrel and retain your ability to change barrels and not lose scope zero. 4) Adjustable trigger pull from 3.5 to 5 lbs of pull. All the best ideas from everyone else integrated into their own stroke of genious. For cool pics and video visit Shoot straight and be safe. Marty