About a month ago I introduced a totally new product lineup at my webstore at www.hausofarms.com that being the Thompson Center Dimension.
   One of the last products in that line that I was able to get my hands on were the extra magazines for the Dimension. In a previous blog I went into great detail explaining the 4 caliber families, the part numbers for them as well as the calibers within each family group.
   At that time I brought up the possibility that the Dimension and Venture magazines might be interchangeable. And YES they are!
   I had already noticed while searching my suppliers on line inventories that the part numbers matched the Dimension catalog but the descriptions called them Venture magazines. When I received my first supply, to my surprise the labeling on the bubble packs varied some said Venture and some said Dimension and Venture.
   Great idea! Why have more than one part to do the same job and with fewer parts maybe the prices will be cheaper. Was that a compliment for TC? Maybe I am mellowing. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty