By now if you have read this series on the new TC Dimension interchangeable barrel bolt rifle announced today at the 2012 Shot Show in Las Vegas you will either know I am really pumped about it or begin to wonder if I have given in to the dark side and become a Thompson Center "honk" and receive a regular check from Americas Master Gunmaker. Trust me I have retained my objectivity but am amped about this new creation at the top of my "must have" list. This topic is "How the system works". When you buy the rifle in 204,223,243,22-250,7mm-08,270,308,30-06,7mm mag, or 300 win mag you get a complete gun, assembly/disassembly tools required and a really cool carrying case designed for 2 barrel assembly spaces. Now is that planning for a future barrel purchase or what? When you buy that rifle lets say in 204 Ruger caliber and you decide you want another caliber lets say for example a 270 Winchester here is what you will need: obviously a new barrel, a new bolt, a new magazine and housing. Those parts will allow you to reassemble the gun as a 270 Winchester and start shooting. Here is why. Thompson Center has created "caliber series families". A group is for 204 and 223 B group is for 22-250,243,7mm-08 and 308 C group is for 270 and 30-06 D group is for 7mm mag and 300 win mag If you change calibers within the same group you only need the barrel and you are ready to go. For the purpose of my above example I crossed groups to illistrate the total impact of the change. The first complete gun will retail for about $650 but it yet for me to learn what the additional components will set me back. To see cool pictures and video go to Shoot straight and be safe. Marty