2 posts ago I listed some wish list items for my Thompson Center Products that I sell on HausofArms. Well it was Christmas today.
   As we made the rounds of the Sands Convention floor on this the first day of the 2013 Shot Show in Las Vegas we turned the corner and there was the massive Smith & Wesson/ Thompson Center displays. And LOOK whats hanging on the racks.
   The Dimension has received a couple of new coats. More specifically 2 new camo stocksets, Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity and Realtree Advantage Max-1. Stunning!
   With their blue/black receivers these combination looked great together. When I asked when to expect these camo units in the hands of my customers I was told about a month. These units are being sold as accessories with no receiver so I can see how production times would decrease without tying up machine tool time. I don't know the costs of these units yet but they are in the 2013 Thompson Center product catalogs as TC50105 and TC50106 on page 11. As soon as I can get some pictures and get them listed as products on HoA site I certainly will do so. As always shoot straight and be safe. Marty