Let the blogs begin! This is the first in a series of blogs dedicated to the new Thompson Center Dimension. A grand slam announced By TC at the 2012 Shot show. They have integrated the technology of the Icon bolt with the interchangeability of the Encore Prohunter line. This blog is dedicated to the stockset: 1) The buttstock has has an ergonomic design that is intended to be not only comfortable but also to reduce felt recoil. 2) The Dimension buttstock also has built in spacers designed to change the length of pull from between 12 1/2" to 13 1/2". Wow, Small framed men, women, and young shooters rejoice. 3) Piller bedded forestock so barrel is free floating and forend has an "Armorsoft" grip , and looks cool at the same time. 4) Overall weight 7.0 pounds. For cool pictures and video of assembly/disassembly as well as a shooting demonstration visit www.hausofguns.com. Shoot straight and thanks for reading. Marty