Why was it that only 3 of 225 Thompson Center Rochester New Hampshire employees moved with TC to it's new home 138 miles away to Springfield, Massachusetts?
   In previous posts I have speculated as to why this happened, ideas like the economies in both Rochester and Springfield mad it economically unfeasible for them to move, maybe. They were mad at the buy out a few years earlier by S & W of their beloved company that had been located in Rochester for nearly 45 years, maybe. The employment opportunities with S & W weren't as good as what they had at TC Rochester, maybe.  They weren't really needed, no way!
   Today I asked that difficult question and got some different ideas about what happened. You would automatically think these jobs would be bread winner type jobs, well many were the second jobs within the family. They were asked, offered, and were needed and by refusing they put TC in a terrible position. Move and restart production with a new, untrained work force. And in fact several employees when pleaded with actually did go for a short time and commuted. There were opportunities at the Sig Sauer plant that was not very far away. And even to the point where for some employees the thought of them moving brought fear to there ideas. These were lifelong Rochester natives and Springfield was a foreign land.
   I learned alot today and one thing was to get the facts and not jump to conclusions. Blogging is a new phenomenon and especially for me. I'm learning there is a certain responsibility involved with this form of journalism, if it can be called that. Know what your talking about before you hit send, save or post. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty