In about 1995 the Thompson Center Encore came into existence. What was the significance of that date? Before I go there allow me to go back even further. In 1967 Warren Center and K.W. Thompson Tool Company created the Contender single shot break open pistol/rifle system. To my knowledge the easiest way to describe the Contender family was that of pistol calibers that then branched into some of the lighter rifle calibers. They became incredibly popular and developed a niche following of loyal and avid sport shooters. I wasn't there but I can just image how many times Warren and K.W. were asked about creating a single shot break open system that was a little "beefier". That is where my description of the Encore line comes in as being primarily developed around the pressures associated with rifle calibers and then dropped down to pick up some of the popular Contender pistol calibers. That is where the significance of the Encores' origin date becomes relavent to todays current events. The Clinton Administration Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) of 1994 was in place. Limits on the type of weapon and magazine capacity were the topics, sound familiar? So along came the Encore, the answer to many in that the odds of it ever being classified as an assault weapon were about slim and none. I actually had a local gun store owner tell me once that they should be outlawed because of the ability to convert a rifle to a pistol in seconds. My response was simply a question. When was the last time you heard of someone holding up a Seven11 store with an Encore single shot pistol with a 15" barrel? I think you see my point. The Encore filled a need for the recreational target shooter/hunter to be able to do his thing without fear of government repercussions. Once shooting and/or hunting are in your blood they are there forever regardless of political correctness. Shortly thereafter TC created a muzzleloader system that was so revolutionary that it is credited with creating the modern blackpowder industry that we have today. If we are again faced with limits there is already a nice alternative for the shooting enthusiast to either turn or return to. Long live the single shots! Shoot straight and be safe. Marty