This week I sold an Encore Stainless frame to a gentleman in Indiana, shipped it all happy and end of story. I got a voice mail message from that buyer a few days later and he was frantic. He had picked up his new gem from his local FFL transfer agent and took it home to begin assembly. "The frame hammer won't cock" was his message. He was convinced it was either broken or had been tampered with by a novice. You could tell from his tone that he had already played out the scenarios in his mind and maybe with the help of his significant other. He recapped his investment for me in his message and probably was concerned with this guy from Missouri he had made this sizable purchase from. I was at work, had limited time to respond but attempted to ease his fears anyway. First of all I let him know I would make it right and then suggested we talk at my lunch break and gave him my phone number. Second I gave him 2 things to try before we talked: 1) Make sure that the frame bolt attaching the buttstock to the frame had not only the lock washer but also the thick flat washer. Without both of these the bolt goes in to far and inhibits the hammer from cocking. Actually happened to me, not discovered till at the range! 2) Next and I prefaced this one with a disclaimer that I was not trying to insult his intelligence BUT.... There is a safety mechanism inside the frame that only allows the hammer to be cocked if a barrel is attached. I then described how and where that trip cam was and how to defeat it to perform the hammer test. I went back to work and started to play out all the scenarios for my end, return, refund, replacement etc.... To my pleasant surprise he emailed me before lunch apologizing and feeling embarrassed. He didn't know about the barrel safety feature, went through my process and all tested well. Sometimes experience is the best teacher! Marty