My plans for Tuesday 1/17/2012 at the Shot Show in Las Vegas include but not limited to touching base with several of my suppliers to see if their Thompson Center inventory crisis is easing at all. After shutting down production of their plant for 3 months this last summer, most distributor inventories were running on empty for most TC products. Next on the agenda will be visits to Bergara barrels reps to see if I can crack the mysterious code of how to start buying their products, it really should not be this difficult. Then on to custom barrel makers MGM and Bullberry to make valuable connections there for my customers that want a premium custom barrel built in some exotic caliber. Just kidding. Look on my TC barrel rack and you will find a Bullberry 16 1/2" SS with muzzle brake in the ever popular 6mm VTT ( Vartarg Turbo). That even sounds exotic like is was designed by an exiled German ballistics engineer on the island of Borneo. Wow, this is fun. Shoot Straight and be safe. Marty