You know things are bad when I get a letter from Smith & Wesson! Yes even little old me. That either means that I have arrived and am now on the radar or more likely, S & W is now pulling out all the stops to make corrections to these defective rifles. Effective immediately, ALL Thompson Center Venture rifles are being recalled that were manufactured prior to 10/28/2011. And then to take it a step further they instruct me to "DO NOT SELL THESE RIFLES". They also add to review my inventory and send back these defective rifles immediately and give the following site to go to to accomplish that. [email protected]. I am going to take it a step further. If you have relatives or friends that have hunting rifles, check with them and make them aware of this recall. Error on the side of caution and tell everyone. No one should get hurt from this point on. Thanks for reading and be safe. Marty