When the subject is Thompson Center''s Encore line and that question is applied then the official answer is it depends. It depends on if you are referring to stocksets , frames, or barrels. Typical as a rule of thumb the Encore level is the entry level, basic, cheaper, less frills and the Prohunter level is the upgraded more expensive version of the same thing. Yes I said the same thing, they function the same. Barrels for rifles come as 24", 26", and 28". 24" and 26" are the Encore level one standard contour and the other a heavy barrel. The Prohunter is the heavy fluted barrel with fancy Prohunter laser engraving. Stocksets can be divided most easily by the term Flex Tech. Encore's come in walnut, black synthetic, and camo synthetic and 2 grip types for each pistol grip and thumb hole and you guessed it no Flex Tech shock absorbing system! Prohunters come in the same synthetic colors and grip types but also include Thompson Center's Flex Tech recoil reducing system. Which basically means it has a shock absorbing system that TC says reduces 43 percent of felt recoil. Frames are the same thing, the "haves" versus the " have nots". The Encores are the "have nots", plain, no "swivel hammer", but totally functional. The "haves" are the Prohunters, fancy laser engraving to show the world you have arrived. And the swivel hammer which allows the hammer to pivot left or right to get out from under the scope. I have recently seen an exception to this rule in that I have come across some Weathershield Encore frames with a swivel hammer, I guess they decided to start putting FM radios in the work trucks! Thanks for reading. Marty