What's better than a Dimension? A better Dimension that's what! Thompson Center Dimension's Interchangeable barrel platform is fun, practical, economical and accurate but what it is not is creative. When TC first introduced us to this creative , yes I just called it creative after just one sentence prior calling it "not creative" I know but I really mean 2 different things.Let me explain. The concept of an interchangeable barrel bolt action rifle system is extremely creative. The selection of calibers is basic at best. What I really think happened to the caliber selection begins with the letter "S" and ends with the letter "W",( I just went on a 2 paragraph rant about what S & W has done to TC since 2007, saved it then erased it as a tangent that will be picked up on in my next blog post). The 10 calibers given to us are basic Americana. Tried and true calibers covering a wide range of shooting needs from varmint to Magnum. They are just boring for guys that love to experiment and debate issues ballistically like which is better a 7mm-08 Remington, a 280 Remington or a 280 Ackley Improved? Shoot I think I just let my secret out. 7mm-08 is a great round, I had it then upgraded to the 280 Remington, loved them both then started reading more and found the desire to experiment with the 280 AI. Yes I'm a caliber junkie, married to the same lovely lady for 34 years but I enjoy a little variety in my calibers, not women which is much safer as my bride outshoots me more often than not. The IDEA, take a 7mm-08 Dimension barrel and rechamber it 280 AI? Can it be done? Way above my pay grade so I went to an expert, yes a man that was mentored by one Parker Ackley himself, Mike Bellm. Mike and his son Kurt ,can be found at www.bellmtcs.com have made careers of make Thompson Center products better than factory. Bottom line, Mike thinks it can be done, not withstanding many long emails between us going way deeper into gunsmithing jargon than I could possibly understand, and he has accepted the challenge of creating what I call my "Dimension squared" gun, double creative to be sure. He has my barrel and bolt and hopefully can make it happen for me, the sooner the better. Yes you can expect a blog post regarding the success of this project or of a dream dashed on the rocks. Later......... Shoot straight and be safe, Marty