Eric's Chicken Fried Venison

Eric's #fieldtofork Monday. He teamed up with his oldest daughter to rock the chicken fried deer steak dinner. GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Epic feast courtesy of an epic buck that will not go to waste. #FullCircle is how we roll. Quick fix recipe on the steaks below...
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James' Pan Roasted Back Strap

James' #FieldToFork Monday: I don't cook much, but when I do, it's deer back strap. Em and I wouldn't turn down a trophy buck, but our family loves melt in your mouth doe meat. Check it out:
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Emily's Venison Roast

Emily's #FieldToFork Monday. Venison roast can be tricky. As a working mom, the crockpot has always been my best friend, and it's definitely my go-to appliance when it comes to venison. I'll admit that the first time I saw the "Mississippi Roast" recipe, it didn't appeal to me. I'm so glad I decided to try it because it's an easy meal that my family loves! We've used this recipe for muley, white tail, elk, and caribou. You can't go wrong! Check it out:
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