Haus of Arms Newsletter- 2nd Edition

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Haus of Arms Newsletter- 1st Edition

 Well this is it, the first edition of the HausofArms newsletter. I concentrate so much on inventory control, e-listings, customer service and generally being "that guy" (the guy that answers the phone and helps people) as my son calls me, that I have fallen short in the development of my social media skills. So here we go! 

My goal here is as follows: 
1) Communicate Thompson Center news as I learn it from my connections there. 
2) Give tips to my newsletter subscribers that will help them help other TC enthusiasts. 
3) Keep that group up to date on the latest happenings at


If you have purchased a Weathershield barrel in either centerfire or muzzleloader variety and notice rust forming on the breech block, contact TC customer service at 1-866-730-1614, they will send you a return ship label and make it right. Apparently quality control has missed the bluing process on the breech blocks on some barrels and they rust badly. Don't ask me why with such a uniquely impressive product as Weathershield, there is that little part that is still blue. Here is an example in a bad case:

Haus of Arms NEW PRODUCTS: 

I am now able to purchase Bergara barrels directly from Bergara. I stock nearly all available models of centerfire and muzzleloader barrels. Although I have owned and shot both Bergara and TC barrels, I can't say one is better than the other although some insist Bergara is better. Probably like Ford and Chevy owners.  

As always feel free to contact me through this site, email at [email protected] or by phone at 636-359-0104. Marty
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Another TC Recall

Another safety recall just announced by Thompson Center today. Basically all of their bolt guns produced prior to yesterday including all Venture, all Icon and all Dimension rifles. See this attached link for more details.
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T/C Dimension Media

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Mike Bellm- The Real Deal

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Shot Show 2013 in Las Vegas

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Blue Encore Frames

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