Happy Thanksgiving 2021 from HausOfArms

Happy Thanksgiving from the HausOfArms crew from our home to yours!!!


We are beyond excited to share this update with you from SSK Firearms regarding the SSK-50!
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"I think we are finally at a point of confidence where we can comment on this. I have been hesitant to make any commitments for the last two years as I have learned a long time ago that until you have something sitting on the shelf, you better not make a promise. Currently, we have purchased the tooling and have contracted three separate casting companies to make the frame. Two seem to have the capability and we will have First Articles from one in a week and the other the first week of January. I anticipate production in February and shipments by the end of February. It has been a long, painful, and expensive process. We are committed to the project and resolve to do it right."


We still have a few SKUs of T/C barrels. You can check those out here.

The MGM barrels seem to come in and go out almost as quickly. We are continuing to get new orders every few weeks. We are thankful for our partner vendors that keep our shelves stocked. Check out what is currently available here.

SSK Firearms has just received a huge pallet (nearly 2000) of barrel blanks so we are looking forward to lots of new calibers on the shelves. You can see the current inventory here.


We have been a seller on eBay for as long as HausOfArms has existed. We've used it as a gateway to invite customers to visit our home site. We've fought an uphill battle with their policies and most recently have been at war since July of this year. We thought at that time that we had turned a corner with a reversal of a decision in our favor. If it had not, we had determined then to no longer sell on that platform.

In the past few days, this has again reared its ugly head. Effective December 1, 2021, we will no longer sell on eBay. This is the note that we added to all our listings as of today: Effective December 1, 2021, we will be closing this store. The policies represented here are inconsistent and unfriendly to our type of business. You can still get great products and customer service at a lower price at Haus Of Arms dot com. We look forward to serving you there.

PLEASE NOTE: HausOfArms.com is still very much alive and well and will continue to offer the same products and services that our customers have become accustomed to.

Again, we wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving,

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