Happy New Year 2022


We have noticed so many new customers lately that we thought it might be a good idea to not only say welcome, but give an introduction of who we are. It was a hard decision to close our eBay store, but it feels like folks are finding our home site!

Here are some bullet points to tell you a little about us. Even if you’ve been with us a while, there may be some things you didn’t know.

*HausOfArms started in 2009 as a hobby after Marty was laid off from the electrical trade following a 30+ year career. This involved buying T/C deals on Gunbroker or eBay and selling the parts. We applied for and received our first Federal Firearms License.

*In 2011, we launched the HausOfArms website. There were those that tried to encourage us to sell everything, but Marty was convinced that he wanted to stick to the T/C niche.

*The move from Missouri to Colorado in 2012 brought more change and expansion. Our move in 2017 to our current location enlarged our space by 50%, allowing us to keep more inventory.

Thankfully, over the years we’ve connected with some amazing industry partners that have helped us to expand the niche without relying on T/C or Smith & Wesson. In May, when S&W announced the closure of T/C, we knew without a doubt the one-shot community would survive because of these amazing partners.

That’s pretty much it, but as you know, so much more went into making it what it is today. We thank you for being part of that growth.


We had a great response to our 2nd Annual Secret Santa with nearly 40 entries. It was a hard decision for our Secret Santa, but the letter presented by Mr. Nathaniel Carr was chosen. Below is a picture of the firearm for this special young man.


*Encore Prohunter

*Weathershield frame with Eric's 3 lb trigger

*SSK SS 16 1/4" 6.5 Creedmoor barrel--threaded muzzle, 6 hole TSOB base

*Black PH rifle forend

*Sharps grip to Magpul telescopic buttstock

*Burris Droptine 4.5-14x42 scope with zee rings

*HausOfArms ammo wallet

*T/C soft case


Secret Santa even threw in a custom hunting knife. Congratulations, Nathaniel!



Many of you took advantage of the huge collection we posted last month. There are still a few barrels left, but that’s about it. The frames sold out in an hour, which is such an indication of what a great action the Encore/Prohunter and Contenders/G2 are and they are still in great demand!

Keep an eye on this tab. We hope to be adding more soon.


Currently in stock:

HausofArms/MGM 450 Bushmaster 20" SS FULL Contour Barrels w/Adaptors and Threads and 6 hole base

SSK Hunter Encore Prohunter SS Heavy Contour 20" 6mmTCU Rifle Barrel w/6 Hole Base


After the Shot Show was canceled last year, we’re looking forward to not only attending but showcasing nine builds at the SSK Firearms booth with six SSK-50 frames and three Encores. If you’re attending, please come by and visit us. We just might have a little something for you. Also, if you know any dealers attending, we'll be signing them up for the SSK-50s.

The booth is located at the Venetian Expo Level 1, Booth #42597. 


This was posted on the SSK Firearms Facebook Page and we also shared it on our page. For those not on social media, we wanted to share it here as well:

We are pleased to announce that we sold Lehigh Defense to Bill Wilson the founder of Wilson Combat. Now that Lehigh's future is secure we can focus our efforts on taking SSK to the next level. We know that we have a lot of work ahead us, but we are up for the challenge.

That's it for now. Thank you for enduring this very lengthy update.

Stay safe and shoot straight,

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