HausOfArms Moving Sale!!!

What the what? HausOfArms is moving??? Let us explain.

For those that are new to HausOfArms, we'll start from the beginning. For you veterans, please bear with us.

HausOfArms humbly began in Warrenton, Missouri, April 2009, after Marty was laid off from a 30+ year electrical career. It started as a hobby selling used T/C parts purchased from Gunbroker. He quickly learned that having an FFL would give him the keys to the T/C kingdom to be able to buy from distributors.

In 2011, he launched the website, and that's when things really started to grow. Shout out to Marty because when he began this venture he could barely send an email. True story.

Moving to Colorado in 2012 opened up a bigger space to run the business from the basement of our home in Greeley, but moving to Elizabeth in 2017, doubled our space and allowed us to carry a lot more inventory.

Marty & Ruth were both born and raised in the St Louis area. We lived our entire lives in Missouri before moving to Colorado 10 years ago. Well, now we're headed back to south central Missouri. We'll be closer to our youngest daughter's family, our brothers, Marty's mom, and other extended family. We will be further from Eric in Greeley, but intend to visit often.

Now for the good stuff. 

EVERYTHING ON THE SITE IS ON SALE UNTIL WE GET MOVED!!! must have a coupon code. You'll put the items in your cart and then add the codes. They can be used together.

For everything other than SSK barrels, use the code 5OFF, and you'll receive 5% off of those purchases.

For SSK barrels, use the code SSK10, and you'll receive 10% off on those.

There is no limit to how many times you can use the codes until we turn them off.

Happy shopping, friends,

The HausOfArms Crew
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