Dog Days of Summer 2022

Dear friends of HausOfArms,

The following article is what I submitted to our TCA for the next publication. It's perfect for this newsletter as well.

"Since 2002 we have moved every 5 years--so 5 MOVES total. Each time, at the time of the move, we said this was to be our last move! Those moves sequentially look like this. 2002 from our 45-acre farm in Warrenton to a glorious 200-acre farm in Martinsburg, MO. The older kids were gone off to college (with one still at home) and this farm was worth the move. We actually had to give the college kids directions the first time they came home from college. In 2007 we moved from the glorious farm, sensing the crash, back into the town of Warrenton and built the "last" house I would build on a nice 3-acre lake lot. Life was good and the kids were all close so no need to move ever again, right?! In 2009 Eric moved to Greeley, Colorado, and started a new job there, so the 10-year Colorado experiment was his fault. After multiple trips to Colorado, Emily and James decided they wanted to move to the beautiful state of Colorado and invited us to join them. So in 2012 we did, and that move was their fault. We moved on election day 2012 and learned while driving that Colorado switched from a traditionally red state to a deep blue state overnight including magazine limits, red flag laws, background checks, and a real attitude. We moved to Greeley close to Eric and his family, and Emily and James and their girls moved to Parker (about an hour south) as that's where their jobs landed them. HausofArms was just ready to take off at this point, and we operated it from the basement of that subdivision house. It's fair to say that Greeley was a great place to live, not too small, not too big but a little "stinky" depending on how the wind blew. In 2017 at the invitation of Emily and James, we left Greeley and moved back out into the country in Elizabeth southeast of Denver out on the prairie. We attacked another large building project to convert a good-sized pole barn into HausofArms space as well as a barndominium. That project was one of our most fun projects EVER. Working with my wife of 44 plus years is a passion. Seems we are at our best when involved in any project. Certainly, this was our last project! We had everything we needed there and even started a retirement strategy whereby each year we would take the RV around the country and be gone more. Three years into that plan here we are again, but this time just a slight detour before hitting the road again.

I will say this. After five moves over a twenty-year period, we have purged most of what we really don't need. It is a very freeing experience and I would recommend it even if you're not moving.

This is probably a good time to summarize our 10 years in Colorado. We discovered that perception and reality are two very different things. Often times when on the phone with customers when they heard me say we lived in Colorado the ooooo's and aaah's started, adjectives like beautiful, great hunting, elk hunts, prairie dog hunts, mountains, etc..... Yes, it is a beautiful place TO VISIT and hunting is great if you can find a place to hunt. Hunting is an industry in Colorado. Outfitters have a significant percentage of the farms and ranches tied up in the best elk and mule deer hunting units. Prairie dogs are protected in many areas, and public hunting lands are too overcrowded for my taste. Even in a rural red county where we lived, shooting is largely prohibited by local homeowners associations. and if you feed the turkey and deer, there is a good chance the conservation department will pay you a visit as they did us. Red flag laws make being a self-employed internet gun dealer an uncomfortable livelihood to be in. We are social people, and not being able to meet neighbors and be friendly due to fear, isn't a place where we wanted to reside. Way too many Californians have moved to Colorado and brought their political beliefs with them.

We are from Missouri and are midwest people and our common beliefs are as such. Thus a return home to Missouri was a philosophically easy move to make. The actual move took 10 weeks, 6 trips across Kansas making the 800-mile one-way trip. Currently, we now reside on a farm in south central Missouri, with Emily and James and their twins. We are again rebuilding our HausofArms facility. We have bush-hogged more than 30 acres of pasture, have 3 cows, food plots planned, hunting blinds planned as well as a shooting range. Certainly back home again! I'll close with this short story. After several weeks now of interacting with our new community, one of the girls made this comment, "Why is everyone so nice here?" What a great observation.

Hopefully, this is our last move, but we have learned to never say never. Thanks for your patience during this transition."

We may be short on frames, but we have many barrels and a good selection of stock sets on the shelves. Below is a link to the various categories.




We've acquired a few TC barrels from one of our distributors. Here are the links:

Check out The Wood Haus for some stock sets and grip sets that have arrived!


We continue to get updates from the factory on the progress.  Yes, it's going to happen. Please continue to be patient, and we do appreciate your patience.


Thank you for your patience during our move. We're still getting organized but have continued to get all our products neat and orderly.

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That's all folks.

Be safe and shoot straight,


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