HausOfArms August 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We hope your summer has been an enjoyable time for you and your family. We had our ATF visit yesterday for our new license and are nearly completely settled at our Missouri location. Next up will be displaying our mounts all around the shop. We will be picking up the buffalo from Colorado soon, and Ruth's whitetail should be ready in December during the pig hunt. We've been using our night vision in the evenings to see all the incredible white tail on this property. The range is set up and has already been put to use. We're excited about the fall hunting season!

We'll highlight the many MGM and SSK barrels that are currently on the shelf as well as the close-out of our Junior Buttstocks (only available as special order in the future). Before anyone asks, the SSK-50 project is progressing. I won't be making any announcements but will allow the SSK team to do that. It's been a very long process, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

We appreciate each and every one of you. You have made HausOfArms what it is today. It is our honor and privilege to serve you.

Be safe and shoot straight!



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