This edition is devoted to news and notes compiled while on location from Shot Show 2014 in Las Vegas. I will change the format accordingly to more of a bullet point format, feel free to contact me for more detail of any particular item:
   1) No Thompson Center presence at all at the Media Day at the Range on Monday which means nothing new coming out of the TC (further references might be termed as the peanut) division of Smith & Wesson ( further references might be termed as the elephant). No extra charge for the attempt at sarcasm!
   2) Thompson Center presence on the show floor at the Sands Convention Center was reduced by about 90% of its previous level of the last 2 years. But there was an over abundance of S & W personnel there to gleefully attempt to answer questions except for Ernie French, a throw back TC guy that was a wealth of information as always. What a great guy. If there is one guy that bleeds TC through and through it is Ernie. A lifetime employee, he has seen it all, my hat is off to this man. A goal of mine would be to have Ernie on speed dial.
   3) Met very briefly with the NEW brand manager, a 12 year veteran of, you guessed it, S & W. Will attempt to build a relationship there but this might be painful. 
   4) Now a question. How does an elephant eat a peanut? Answer: it buys it first! 

   5) I hope TC doesn't have any connection with the NSA. Lol 

   6) There is a theme developing, Smith & Wesson has owned them since 2007 and can run them any way they choose, unfortunately I didn't realize in 2007 they were for sale or just maybe......... Please don't be discouraged by shots at S & W, TC is still a great product, high quality and still in production. It's sort of like how a parent feels when there kids make poor choices, you just know deep down they will come around. 

   7) Now for the real news, camo stocksets (released as new at 2013 show) were part of the TC Dimension display so I can only assume they will actually ship at some point. Be patient, I'm working on this one. 

   8) I will be offering a line of laminate stocksets for the Encore/Prohunter series in Pistol Grip and Thumbhole rifle in 3 colors by the end of January. Nutmeg, pepper and forest camo, they look awesome and I have some samples to get pictures up quick just ahead of the first delivery. 

   9) I am working on an exclusive Wood laminate stock for the Dimension line, CAD work done, programming starts in April, more to follow as I learn it. For the guys who feel that if it isn't blue or wood it isn't a real gun this one will be for you. 

   10) Had a great meeting with Bergara barrel rep, with their intentions being to strengthen my inventory ability and also to increase caliber offerings. 

   11) Am working on an arrangement with Bergara for the possibility of producing some custom barrel/caliber options in the future. Bergara has a huge OEM market, like Remington and Savage and others that if they had told me I'd be smelling the pine about now. Shilen blanks from Spain, then chambered and completed at site in Duluth, GA. 

   12) As I understand it Contender frame production is to begin shortly, be sure to watch this Haus of Arms site as I have them backordered and will be stocking them as soon as available. Most likely my next area of expansion will be the Contender G2 line. I've been totally amazed at the niche of shooter enthusiasts commanded by the Encore/Prohunter line and can only imagine the numbers of supporters the Contender has with about a 28 year head start. 

   Be encouraged! If the main stream media and certain politicians in any way think that gun ownership is in decline, one look at the throngs of people hear at Shot Shot 2014 probably close to 70000 strong should dispell that notion. I've met alot of foxhole people this week (meaning that if went sour you would want them in your foxhole or close by). 

   A huge THANK YOU to those that covered for me while I got to have all this fun and to Ericson, Timmons and Roy for sharing the experience. Shoot straight and be safe. Marty